This was probably the most anticipated movie I was looking to buy in 2020/2021. Finally a movie based upon Marvel characters that had no widespread mainstream appeal, but massive potential in creating one. All they had to do was produce a great movie to WOW audiences. And failed miserably. Not only was this NOT a great movie it sucked on so many levels it’s almost as if they never even tried.

Crappy writing, no character development, bland sequences, action befitting a B-rated movie, like what were they thinking? Did they think that all they had to do was put out a movie and base it’s entire success on the marketable Marvel Universe success of other movies?

The public is not stupid. Well maybe I am for buying this movie, but we’re not talking about me. The box office says it all, $46.7 million on a $80 million budget. A box office bomb. People avoided it like the plague. Hell, even the 2003 HULK movie with Eric Bana made $245 million on a $137 million budget, and that was a crap movie. I don’t generally look at revenue or even public acceptance to decide if I’m going to buy a movie, or even like a movie, I’ve bought some great movies that had very little commercial success and were panned by critics, but this time, boy did they get it right.

What a waste of everyone’s time and resources.

These characters had huge potential, and the name ‘ New Mutants ‘, even though not mainstream, has a strong base of followers. They definitely dropped the ball on this one. Now all they can do is hope by adding this group of characters into the Marvel Universe alongside other existing successful characters they can rebuild interest and maybe come out with something over time that won’t flop at the Box Office.

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