This has been in the works since February, and it’s finally, after months of delays, getting done. Not all the problems have been sorted out, and upgrades and more changes are in the works to improve on it even more. I suppose it’ll never be really completed because there will always be something to improve upon. For the new visitors the old design looked like this. And I really did hate to see it go. It was the top of the line at the time, but it had one seemingly impossible to fix problem with phpThumb. That caused the cache to build up immensely, so much so that our host had to clean it out periodically because I couldn’t even open the folder. But, as I said, I’m sorry to see it go. With the exception of that one phpThumb issue it was functionally perfect.

Life moves on…and, even if there wasn’t an issue, eventually we needed to upgrade. Just to note, because sometimes people are confused about this, TheTAZZone is a blog, I realize it doesn’t look like a regular blog but it is a blog. You’d be surprised how many blog directories argue this point. A blog isn’t determined by what it looks like but what software it runs on.

Since it’s inception in December 2005 this blog has always been closed to registration, we are looking into opening it up. Because we are looking for more contributors to take us to the next level. Our goal being to become the most popular weblog on the Net. Not an aspiration we can achieve on our own. So if you’d like to become a contributor/columnist we’d like to hear from you. It really doesn’t matter what you like to talk about, we are a mutt after all, so whether you’re into tech, politics, sports, entertainment, opinion, ranting, or just your adorable pets, give us a dingle.

Hope to see you around!



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