This is more of a rant than anything else. Is it me? Am I the only one who thinks Amazon is outrageous in pricing, or for allowing sellers to have outrageous pricing? OK, some of you might defend Amazon or it’s sellers by saying some people live in remote areas so shipping costs to those areas are rather expensive. And I would agree, if those prices included shipping ( most are plus shipping ) and if they actually delivered to remote regions, which most don’t.

At some point, as an example, you gotta say $30 for a case of Nestle bottled water is insane. And at some point, to be considered a viable grocery-department store alternative, you would think that Amazon would step up to the plate on pricing and say ” no, you can’t sell it for that ”. If you were to push your 1983 Toyota over to a used car lot and say ” I want to put this on your lot and sell it for $34,000 ” the owner would likely stare for a moment, shake his head, start laughing hysterically, then tell you to get that piece of crap off his property.

If you want to be taken seriously as a grocery-department store alternative you need to have competitive pricing. Take into account these are online purchases, with delivery to your door, so you charge a little more for the convenience, fine, that is to be expected. Even though most online purchases are actually cheaper than in-store, because of lower over-head costs. But if you want to charge a bit of a premium for convenience, it’s not unreasonable. As of right now, for most purchases Amazon is a joke, if they were to open a store in your neighborhood at the prices they charge online they would be out of business before they even got all the paperwork signed.

I would love to see Amazon take selling to consumers seriously, at reasonable prices, as a valid alternative to in-store purchases, but will I? Probably not.

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