I have grandchildren that are 13, 11, 7 and nearly 2 years old. Since school has started again, we have had fun writing notes back and forth to each other. There is great pleasure in getting letters in the mail, on both sides. Technology has brought this past time to near extinction. That one fact saddens me. I want to share the joy from the past with my grandchildren. That is a great benefit of grandparents … to bring the past to life for the next generation.

I noticed, with each note, that I write to them in cursive and they reply in print. I didn’t think too much of it, since most children are more comfortable printing at these ages. When speaking of my correspondence, I was told that schools aren’t teaching cursive anymore only printing. Reasons given are the usual: teaching to pass measurement of learning tests, technology growing so fast it takes time to stay current teaching the children and this limits the time allowed for ‘fluff’ like cursive writing.

It saddens me that this art form is disappearing. I know there are many important things to learn. I do not agree that cursive and penmanship is not important. I am of a generation that does not print when I write letters, poems, or anything else.

Just food for thought for the parents and grandparents … if you want to give your grandchildren joy that they probably won’t get anywhere else … mail them a note written in cursive (print if they are too young to read it).

All of your lives will be the richer!

By Anita

My Life Motto: Live, Laugh, Love! My 3 children and 4 grandchildren are my heart! These are the important things to me. I have done many diverse things throughout my work and life: too much to add here. I try to stay positive in a world where negative seems to be the norm. That's not to say you won't see a rant or two in my posts :-)

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  1. I absolutely agree! My daughters are thrilled every time they get mail. It’s almost like a Christmas present being delivered. They get all excited. It’s really amazing in this day n’ age that something simple like getting mail can really make a kids day. 😉

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