I never cared for the Oscars, just have no interest in a bunch of wealthy people giving each other Awards. To me these are just people with jobs no different than a factory worker or the plumber who comes to fix your sink. They just get paid a lot more for doing a lot less. But, having said that, I am up for a good laugh  or a wee bit of controversy. For instance, I do love watching YouTube videos of Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes, the man is hilarious.

So lets get on with the 2022 Oscars, and the slap heard around the World.

Will Smith walked onto to stage and slapped Chris Rock over a very mild joke about Jada being the next G.I.Jane. By Ricky Gervais’ standards it was barely even a joke, in fact it could have easily been seen as a compliment. Now I’m not going to get too deep on this because everyone knows what happened, Will initially was laughing at the joke, we can only speculate what happened between him laughing and then walking onto the stage but I suspect by the look on Jada’s face it probably went something like this : kick under the table, glare, look that says ‘ are you going to let him disrespect me like that? ‘ then Will, the whipped bitch that he is, did what he was told.

The Academy should be ashamed of themselves for not calling security and having Will escorted off the property.

Those that gave Will a standing ovation should be ashamed for not supporting Chris. By doing that they effectively slapped him again.

Will made sure that none of the winners will ever be remembered, the only thing about this night that will ever be remembered will be the ‘ incident ‘. His speech was absurd. Taking about God and Peace and Love and Understanding just after he committed an act of violence upon another man over a joke that wasn’t even offensive.

What did we learn from this ‘ incident ‘, well we learned that Jada is an over-bearing shrew who can’t take a joke, we learned that Chris can take a hit and keep on going ( he didn’t even retaliate, mad respect ), and we learned that Will ( despite his action movie persona ) is a pussy who can’t even mat a 57 year old ‘ much smaller ‘ man with a clean unblocked shot.


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