The Sports Emporium is a website we started about 2 years ago because some of our members were into sports and sports trivia. So we created it , like we created every one of our sites, to reflect the interests of our membership.

The Emporium is a static website ( meaning it never gets updated, never has to ) that takes a brief look at various popular sports.

Along with The Emporium we created a Sports Blog to compliment it. Unfortunately we haven’t had much time to keep it regularly updated. And are presently looking for sports-minded people who would be interested in helping us to keep it up to date.

If you would be interested in posting on our Sports Blog you can leave a comment below and we will answer it.

It’s a mutually benefitting relationship…we get our blog regularly updated and you get valuable back-links and exposure to your own site.

By admin

Former Freehand Freelance Graphic Illustrator... been online since 2004 ( late starter ), blogging since 2005, presently writing a suspense-thriller e-book that began as a screenplay.