Hey, you just built, or have a great site ( well you think you do ), and just finished a great interesting article on something you think everyone will want to read…

you’ve heard so many good things about Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon ( etc )  from other people, who have used those services and generated tons of traffic from them, that you join up and submit your great post.

Then…dead air…nothing…ohhhhh! someone ‘ liked ‘ it!!!…then again nothing…and you wait, and wait, and wait…

you see other people getting hit after hit after hit while your great post now has 3 hits…2 of them from friends.

Don’t they like you? Do you smell? Was that great article you wrote just a big waste of time?

No…you’re fine…and your article probably really was great…or at the very least good enough to show off…so what was the problem?

The thing you need to remember about social networks is that they are ‘ social networks ‘…the Internet version of little boy’s clubs…

to be successful at any of them you need to ‘ network ‘, you need to get to know and mingle with the ones that can give you the most bang for your buck ( so to speak )…the Internet version of sucking up to or sleeping with your boss…

basically there are only three ways to get a good response from submitting your site to places like Digg:

1. you’ve established connections with the right people who can help you

2. you’ve established a large enough grass-roots following that you don’t need to suck up to the ‘ right people ‘

3. you have a large contingent of people ( who are not normally Diggers ) who are willing to throw their support behind you on a moments notice

if…if…if…you can get 50 people to Digg your submission within the first hour you have a very good chance of making the front page , and staying there for a while through the snowball effect.

Anything less than 50 Diggs in the first hour and your chances diminish accordingly. With Digg the ‘ only ‘ page that matters is the front page, if you don’t make it there, then you’ll find your great article making it’s way deeper and deeper into Digg hell.

Personally, as a ‘ working ‘ single-dad, who has several websites/blogs to take care of as well, like a lot of people, I don’t have the time to spend hours each day over years playing the social networking game..so I submit my articles and hope for, what amounts to an Internet lottery win…

because I know, that anything I write, no matter how good it is, hasn’t got a chance of ever making the front page of Digg on it’s own, without a lot of luck.

Because like most people…I just don’t have the time to play the game.


If you agree or disagree with this post you’re welcome to post a comment…we do read them, and sometimes we even approve them ( pro and con ). 😀

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3 thoughts on “The Straight Dope on Digg and other Social Networks”
  1. I blog for my own enjoyment. It’s a hobby. I keep track of my statistics but don’t fret if they’re down some nor do I brag when they go up. It’s nice to know that I’m being read, and when I strike a chord with someone it’s nice to know about that. I’ve managed to avoid thinking I’m all that important, and I just have fun being me.

  2. Yeh , I know…I wanted to post a comment on your site a couple times and was told I couldn’t and was in too much of a rush to ‘ join up ‘. But you get tons of comments so you don’t really need mine 😛
    Yep, we do get a lot of spam…but it never gets through the door. Only we see see it in the back-end.

  3. I don’t post about important stuff, just what interests me. I don’t submit my blog to any network because I publish on Blogstream which is a member only site. Can’t comment unless you’re a member. After looking at all the spam you get, I kinna like it like that. 😀

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