After the disappointment of the first Suicide Squad my expectations for this installment was much lower. Especially after viewing the trailer, which starred a larger than life starfish named “Starro the Conqueror” as the villain. Now, “Starro the Conqueror” has been around in comics since 1960, and originally fought the Justice League of America, but that doesn’t make it any less absurd. Any less than a larger than life, highly advanced, extremely intelligent, alien Crayfish, from another Universe.

But, having said that, I actually enjoyed this installment more than the first one. Well, with the exception of them killing off one of the original Silver Age of comics Suicide members ‘ Captain Boomerang ‘, and allowing the child-eating Weasel to recover and scurry off into the bush. Overall, the $14.99 purchase price for the DVD was well worth it.

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