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The TAZ DJ Awards

Well. every month we plan to pick 3 DJ’s ( from Blip ) who we think have outstanding taste in music.

The ‘ only ‘ criteria will be music.

Now, anyone who listens to me on Blip knows I like all different kinds of music, and I play all different kinds of music from the late 1950’s to today’s popular music. Although I do have a soft spot in me heart fer the good ole’ 60’s. But…even so…I shall not be swayed to pick based upon that preference.

The three DJ’s ( each month ) will be in ‘ no particular order ‘ and will be chosen for their taste in music, and to an extent, their well-rounded taste in music ( if you, for instance, only play one kind of music over and over again ‘ ad nauseam ‘ then you likely won’t get picked ).

Popularity doesn’t count either…the only thing that counts is spinnin’ good tunes.

So, lick our ears Baby with those sweet moist n’ soothin’ sounds n’ maybe you’ll end up here as one of our DJ’s with ‘ Outstanding Taste in Music ‘.

TAZ DJ Awards for Outstanding Taste in Music

December 2010


Personalized 45’s  for our DJ’s are available here ‘ only ‘ until our next month update…so if you want em’ get em’ now.

TAZ DJ Awards for Outstanding Taste in Music – Personalized 45’s

January 2011


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