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The Tech Directory is now ‘ OPEN ‘

The Tech Directory is now officially ‘ open for submissions ‘

TheTAZZoneTech: Computer News, Recommended Downloads, Recommended Services, Computer Security, and much more…

The Tech Directory ( also known as The Tech Zone and TheTAZZoneTech ) is a dedicated tech directory serving only tech-related websites and blogs.

Why add your website or blog to our directory? Because there are tons of directories out there but very few that are topic specific. Topic specific directories attract targeted audiences. Visitors looking for and are interested in the topic. Unlike ‘ everything goes ‘ directories that generally attract a non-targeted audience. For example the only people who would be coming here are people interested in tech. You can’t get more targeted than that.

We are also very particular about which sites we list, if we find any, or are informed of any, that aren’t up to our standards they are removed. This will keep the quality of our index very high.

So if you have a tech-related website or blog we welcome you to submit it, and we can grow together.

So, if you have a tech-related site it’s time to get yer dabber n’ get atter. 😀

Also, if you have a sports-related site check out our Sports Directory

Sports Directory now open

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