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The Willapuss Wallapuss – To Jone

I had the exact 45 in my collection years ago, I believe I picked it up from either Blue Note Records or Cops Collectibles in Toronto, and since joining Blip have asked ( repeatedly ) for someone to upload it. Well…someone finally did!

Willapuss Wallapuss was actually The 5 Rising Sons ( with the addition of  Terry Black ) from Burlington, Ontario. And I used to listen to Rockin’ Robin ( Robin McMillan )  a DJ out of a Burlington Oldies Station who said he was the drummer for Willapuss Wallapuss.

The record was released on the Yorkville label.

The Rising Sons:

Dave Best (bass)
Ron Canning (lead guitar)
Pete Davidson (organ)
Mike Kotur (guitar)
Bruce Lee (organ, bass)
Robin McMillan (drums)

Not to be confused with the 1964 Los Angeles, California-based band ; Rising Sons ‘

2 Responses to The Willapuss Wallapuss – To Jone

  1. Jim Witty April 30, 2015 at 3:18 pm

    I am looking for the B-side to this ‘Sacrificial Virgin’ would love it as an mp3


  2. David Best January 12, 2015 at 9:04 am

    The Five Rising Sons did become Willapus Wallapus but by that time Peter Davidson and Mike Kotur were no longer with the group. Peter had been gone for a while and Bruce Lee replaced Mike. Terry Black was not part of Willapus Wallapus. He was also,under contract with Yorkville Records and the company’s Vice President, Bill Gilliland, wanted to reintroduce Terry to the Canadian market. During our engagements Willapus Wallapus would play the first and third sets of the night. Terry, and his arranger/organist, Pat Riccio, would play the second set along with Ron, Robin and me.
    And yes, part of the reason for changing the name was an ongoing dispute with those guys in California.

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