Apparently the end of the world happened last night when the Syracuse Orange lost to the Ohio State Buckeyes. I’m not a big sports fan, haven’t been since the spirit of competition and enjoying when the best teams win became all about the money. Since it is now all about the money, it’s also all about the blame.

According to the fans, Syracuse didn’t win because the Ohio team got it together and played better, Ohio won because FAB MELO WASN’T ALLOWED TO PLAY. I’m not sure why that became an issue for this one event since they won all the other games needed to get to last nights game without him. Last night they lost by 7 points, Fab would have earned them 5 of those points and that would still leave them 2 points short of a tie, wouldn’t it? But, Syracuse lost because they wouldn’t let Fab play.

Never mind that he failed to keep his academics up to the standard which would have allowed him to play. Never mind that HE knew the results of playing around rather than keeping his grades up since he’d all ready been suspended once during the season.

Not once in all of last nights anger at losing did anyone give credit to the rest of the team for keeping up their academics and taking the games they were playing seriously. No one said to them that they did a great job. Oh no, it’s ALL about losing because…well..FAB DIDN”T PLAY! Funny, I thought it was a team sport.

Back in the day, yeah, I’m going there. Games were thought to be a method of building character. The thought behind that particular character building was that it wasn’t whether you won or lost, it was how you played the game and if defeated how you handled that defeat. In any competition someone wins and someone else loses. Them’s the breaks, ya know?

Today it’s all about the money which only happens when you win. So, in order to win you overlook certain things, you cover up others and in the case of pro teams you pay 90 million dollars to the Peyton Mannings of the world. Do I think it’s worth it? Well…no.

Last night in Twitter while reading the disappointment posted by Orange fans, I saw tweets stating “I hate Fab Melo” and other tweets blaming Syracuse for not letting him play even when he didn’t care enough about the team or the sport to do his part. Keeping his grades up was his responsibility. It’s something he knew was required of him and he didn’t do it, did he? At no point did I hear that the rest of the team should be congratulated for accomplishing what they did do in getting as far as they got.

No, all I heard was a lot of blame. Absolutely nothing about the great kids that busted their asses both academically and on the court. Fans should be grateful those who played did the best they could. It’s the end of a season, not the end of the world.

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By Butterose

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2 thoughts on “They Do Get Another Chance Next Year”
  1. It may have something to do with that much talked about American Exceptionalism that isn’t very exceptional if you ask me. The attitude seems to be win at all costs, and in my mind led to the Sandusky coverup as well as the crap with Syracuse Coach Bernie Fine. Evidence of pedophilia overlooked because they fielded winning teams which pleased the richest alumni. Who then donated money to the institutions so they could maintain the winning teams.

    There’s so much money being charged to actually attend these games that most of the fans sit in sports bars and get drunk while watching the game. Can’t afford the price of a ticket anymore for a pro game.

    Rumor has it that star player Fab Melo gave up schoolwork in favor of working the ladies. He didn’t seem to care about his chance to make something of himself. Maybe our habit of failing to accept responsibility for our actions infected someone who needed to be paying attention?

  2. It always amazes me how different Canadians are to Americans, seeing as we both grew up together in the same neighborhood. In America, college, even high school sports, are very popular, sometimes filling more seats in the stands than professional sports. By contrast, in Canada, a high school or University/College game would be lucky if their parents showed up for it. 😀

    I think, like you alluded to, it boils down to ‘ money ‘. ..the all-mighty dollar…racial inequality ( a way out of poverty )… and the chance to go pro and make the big bucks.

    With the exception of Hockey, the Toronto Rapters, and the Toronto Blue Jays…the last two being mostly Americans …pro sports teams in Canada don’t pay a lot…some don’t even pay enough to live on, so a lot of players have to supplement their income with real jobs.

    Even Hockey players, except the top-tier players, don’t get near the cash that comparable pro American Sports players get.

    Americans live and die with sports…next to Hollywood it’s as good as it gets…make it to the pros, play a few years, retire when you’re 35…make a few side dishes with sponsors…and you’re set for life.

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