We all struggle, to one extent or another, with the things of our heart and mind. For some of us it’s hardly noticeable, and for others it’s a challenge. I’ve always been of the latter category.

With my children it’s a daily challenge. Determining if I should follow what I think is reasonable or right, over what it is that will make them happy. For instance, my eldest daughter very recently brought home two rabbits. One for herself and one for her younger sister. Now I know why she brought home two rabbits, so they could team up on me. If she had just brought home one it would have been easier to say no, and she knows that. Because of all things I am fair. When they wanted cats I made sure they each got one of their own.

Reasonably ( or rationally, whichever suits you ) I shouldn’t allow them to have any animals, I have allergies. And two cats in a two bedroom apartment are bad enough when my allergies flare up. Now I’ve got two cats and two rabbits. Reasonably I shouldn’t allow them to have any animals, because they’re teenagers and tend to be fickle. And more often than not I’m the one that gets stuck taking care of them, when they’ve got other things to do. And among other things, reasonably I shouldn’t allow my eldest daughter to have these rabbits because she really doesn’t deserve them because of her behavior ( which is another reason she brought home two ).

But even though my mind can come up with several reasons to not keep them, sometimes your heart just needs one reason.

God is another one of these struggles. Rationally I’m an atheist, I see no evidence of any personable interactive god existing. And can point to several examples of why this god cannot exist on any rational level, at least in the form that religion promotes and fosters. And yet, for as long as I can remember I have believed that some form of god exists. And that god has been a factor in my life from as far back as I am able to remember. And it is this conflict or challenge that led me to study religion, philosophy, and their relative histories. At one point I had an extensive working knowledge of several religions and philosophies from different perspectives, but this just convinced me even more on a rational level that the god of religion cannot exist.

But no matter how convinced my mind is that there is no such thing as a god, my heart won’t let me abandon the notion that it does. In some form.

There’s really no point to this article, other than the reflection of the conflict we experience between issues of the mind verses issues of the heart. And that, more often than not, the heart will win out over the seemingly insurmountable rational resources of the mind.

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2 thoughts on “Things of the Heart and Mind”
  1. So, what’s next? Guinea Pigs? lol

    Just think. In years to come your kids will have similar difficulties with kids of their own. Let me tell you how sweet that revenge is. 😀

    As you are finding out, the heart cares little for logic. All it’s good for is love.

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