Probably the day that gets the most musical attention, this was a Walk in the Park. The only problem was deciding which ones to include on the list.

Without specifying an order of importance…here they are… in no specific order…

The 10 Best Saturday Songs

Elton John – Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting ( from his 1973 album ‘ Goodbye Yellow Brick Road ‘ )

John Fogerty – Almost Saturday Night ( from Fogerty’s second solo album ‘ John Fogerty ‘ released in 1975 )

The Monkees – Saturday’s Child ( was written by David Gates – of later Bread fame – and appeared on the 1966 debut album ‘ The Monkees ‘ )

Lynyrd Skynard – Saturday Night Special ( from their 1975 album ‘ Nuthin’ Fancy ‘ )

Cat Stevens – Another Saturday Night ( a 1974 cover of Sam Cooke’s 1963 hit single )

Barry Blue – Dancing On A Saturday Night ( a 1973 hit that he co-wrote with Lynsey de Paul )

David Bowie – Drive In Saturday ( from his 1973 album ‘ Aladdin Sane ‘, and is about watching porn in a post-apocalyptic world to rediscover how to do it )

Chicago – Saturday In The Park ( from their 1972 album ‘ Chicago V ‘, the Italian words, which are just meant to sound Italian, in the song are made up )

Grateful Dead – One More Saturday Night ( this song was first performed in 1971 by the GD, and appeared on both the Dead’s ‘ Europe 72’ ‘ live album and Bob Weir’s ‘ Ace ‘ album released in 1972 )

The Drifters – Saturday Night At The Movies ( was a 1964 single that reached number 18 on the US pop charts and number 3 on the UK charts )

( several notables could be included here including Frank Sinatra, The Bay City Rollers, Mott the Hoople, Ten Years After, and of course the Bee Gees )

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  1. What about S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night by The Bay City Rollers & Easy Like Sunday Morning by Lionel Richie?

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