We want to know who YOU think is the Best Artist or Group in your Lifetime.

Post your favorite in a comment and we will tabulate the responses and come up with a Top 25 list of the Artists/Groups that YOU, the Blip Community,  picked.

So…whatcha waitin’ fer… 😀

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10 thoughts on “Top 25 Artists-Groups picked by Blippers”
  1. @Devera Very Good Choice…I prefer artists ( people who compose and do their own stuff ) to entertainers ( people who do other people’s stuff ) too 😉

  2. I nominate Paul Simon. Singing, guitar work, and most important to me he writes and composes all of his songs. He has a lifetime of thoughtful lyrics and interesting music.

  3. By “in our lifetime” do they have to have had their start in our lifetime or still be performing in our lifetime? I’m thinking of some musicians that have a long music career.

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