Ever shop around at different arcade game sites looking for something to play and waste more time looking than playing…and when you finally find something you like the game plays on about 25% of the screen and is surrounded by annoying nuisance ADs, links, and other junk, on the other 75% of the screen.

At TAZ there are no accidental click-offs, no distractions, no crap to put up with…all our games are FULL-SCREEN and AD-FREE…we don’t make a dime when you play our games. And all the games are hosted by us on site…they are not affiliate games whereby you are taken to another location to play them.

We are the only site on the Internet where you can play games FULL-SCREEN and AD-FREE…because every other site has games to make money…whereas we have games to have fun. :D

And some of us don’t have hours to sit around and play a game, sometimes we only have a few minutes here n’ there, n’ that’s the beauty of the games on TAZ, they aren’t the type that’s going to take out a huge chunk out of your day.

Most of TAZ’s over 1000 games take from just a few minutes to less than an hour to play. Of course, some can get pretty addicting so you might play the game over n’ over again, but we can’t do anything about that. :D

Top Ten Alien, Space Games: in no specific order

1. Crimson Warfare

Is a cool game of Futuristic City Warfare where you have to build buildings, defend them, and attack the enemy City. I’ve had a lot of fun playing this game myself.

Crimson Warfare

2. Aliens the Game

I’m sure you’ve seen the Aliens movies. Well this game is Aliens the Game. And it’s actually three games in one. Yes, it’s your job to save Ripley, Hicks, Hudson, Newt, and the rest of them from the hordes of Aliens.

I’ve played this game quite a few times and managed, in the first game, to save at most 7 of them. The second game I find really very hard and always end up killing everyone. The third game ( probably the easiest of the three )  is saving Newt, and I have managed to save her.

If you liked Aliens the movies, you will absolutely love this game.

Aliens the Game

3. Sputnik

This game requires some skill. You have to try to place planets and last as long as you can by placing them ( and your shooter ) in the best possible order. If you like a game that requires you to think then you should love this game.


4. Astro Series Millenia

Is a video-type-game. Basically you follow the storyline, follow directions, and kill aliens. If you like the type of game where you’re an interactive part of a Star-Trek-Like show you should love this.

Astro Series

5. Mad Spaceship

Is a dog-fight game. Very good maneuverability, and easy controls. Lots of upgrades. You simply have to be better than your enemies. A space version of a WW1 dog fight.

Mad Spaceship

6. TRN 47

Another game that requires skill. You’re driving a spaceship through a tunnel and you have to avoid all the obstacles in your way.

TRN 47

7. Exofusion 2

A game whereby you need to shoot enemy spaceships. Lots of upgrades, weapon purchases, and repairs after each level. No complicated use of your keyboard, all you need is your mouse and the shift key.

Exofusion 2

8. Missile Strike

A game I used to play all the time. Basically you have either one base or two ( you choose ) and you have to defend it/them from the onslaught of meteors raining down on you.

Missile Strike

9. Alien Abduction

A very cool game where you are an alien spaceship that goes around a City abducting people, shooting other crafts, etc…contolled by the spacebar, a couple of button, and your mouse.

Alien Abduction

10. Xeno Tactic

Is a very good turret game with several levels that open up as you complete them. The first 5 levels are fairly easy, the last level is virtually impossible. In fact I don’t know of anyone who has ever beaten level 6…ever.

Xeno Tactic

Of course we have all the basic space games too, like Space Invaders, the Brink of Alienation series, Space Fighter, etc.

You can find some games here on TAZ, or you can enjoy our 10 ‘ dedicated ‘ game blogs. Each category has no more than 5 games on it, for easy searching ( no wasting your time flipping though tons of pages to find what you want ).  And, as always…our games are:


So no accidental click-offs on blinking annoying ads, distracting your game play.  And no playing a game on a small screen surrounded by nuisance ads, links, posters, and other crap you find on every other game site.

Enjoy! Welcome to TAZ! And leave a comment…we do read them and occasionally respond too. :D


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