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Top Ten Australian Rocks Anthems

midnight-oil-bed-are-burning-cbs When people think of Australians they think of kangaroos, the dingo, deadly animals, cricket, deserts, vegemite sandwiches, Heath Ledger, Mel Gibson, Kyle Minogue, Koalas, crocodiles, the late Steve Irwin, boomerangs and even gambling. Australians are one of the top 3 nations that gamble the most, so whenever you want to learn to play with the online casinos money always ask an Aussie for help.
Anyway, music has played a huge part in the shaping the Australian culture. Many world-class bands have spawned from Down Under among which the biggest of them all: AC/DC. Although there are many Australian pop-artists popular worldwide too, here we will include only the best Australian rock anthems, be it songs that are about Australia or just songs made by an Aussie band that have become a cult there and worldwide of course.


10. Beds are Burning – Midnight Oil

This is one of Midnight Oil’s biggest hits released on the Diesel and Dust album from 1987, which was ranked as No.1 in Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Best Australian Albums beating AC/DC’s Back in Black. This rock song has a very political overtone, one that has hit a few political nerves in the past. It is about how the Australians have to make justice to the Aboriginal people by giving them their land back in Western Australia.

9. Sounds of Then (This is Australia) – GANGgajang

This song is obviously dedicated to Australia. Although it was released on the band’s first album in 1985, it became popular 10 years after thanks to a Coca-Cola ad, which is why the band members appear a bit older in the song’s official video.

8. For The Working Class Man – Jimmy Barnes

barnesThis one’s a tribute to all the working class men in Australia. It is a very patriotic up-beat rock song by Jimmy Barnes that defines what it’s like to be an Australian working class man of the 1980s, even though the song was used for the Gung Ho movie starring Michael Keaton which depicts the American working class man.

7. Solid Rock – Goanna

Here is a song with the “didgeridoo”, a famous Aboriginal instrument. It’s a political song written in 1982 about the Aboriginal people and how they were robbed of their land.

6. What’s my scene – Hoodoo Gurus

One of the best selling songs in Australia that landed at number three on the Australian music charts in 1987. This classic has been covered by many later Australian bands and remains one of the biggest hits.

5. Better – Screaming Jets

A band formed in 1989 and still active today. The Screaming Jets have three albums that have been top five in the Australian album charts. The band’s music has been called pub rock, a style of rock and roll unique to Australia popular in the 1970s and 1980s which still influences modern bands. The song is featured on Screaming Jets’ first album, which peaked at No.2 in Australia the same year it was released.

4. Tomorrow – Silverchair

Silverchair, a band formed in 1992 and Australia’s rock wunderkinds. Silverchair’s band members were only teenagers when they reached worldwide success. They were 14 years old and already millionaires thanks to their songs such as Tomorrow. Oftentimes throughout the 1990s Daniel Johns, the brain behind the band, has been dubbed the new Kurt Cobain.

3. Khe Sanh – Cold Chisel

This is the second time that Jimmy Barnes has been featured on this list, but this time with his best known band, Cold Chisel, the creator of pub rock. Khe Sahn is a symbol of the Australian music and the song is about an Aussie veteran and his bitter experience from the Vietnam War.

2. It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll) – AC/DC

This is probably one of the best AC/DC songs recognizable for its bagpipes and lyrics, entrenched as an Aussie favorite. The official video depicts urban Australian scenes from 1975 as the band plays in the back of a truck with bystanders gathered to watch then the still unknown rock and roll band, one of the biggest in rock music today. The song is about the inglorious side of making it big in rock music.

Down-Under-Men-Work1. Down Under – Men At Work

Who can forget this Aussie classic? A very patriotic song that topped on charts worldwide. The band had other hits afterwards but none reached the commercial success of Down Under.


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