There are literally thousands of online games and unless you know the game and are looking for it you could spend more time looking for a game to play than actually playing the game.

And most game sites are not people-friendly…they’re not well organized and they’re generally geared toward one purpose…making money

so they want to take you all over the place, to increase page views and increase the potential for revenue…

the games themselves are usually surrounded by advertisements in the hope of accidental clicks…and they are both annoying and distracting…

our games , by contrast, contain ‘ no ads ‘ during game play…yep, that’s right, ‘ no ads ‘…none…nada…zip…there might be an ad before the game, but it wasn’t put there by us, it was put there by the game developer or the game marketer…and it’s usually just a few seconds long while the game is loading…

and unlike most game sites our games are ‘ full-screen ‘…not a little space in the middle of the page surrounded by ads on every side…

so…now to the meat of the post…

The Top Ten Online Military Battle Arcade Games

in no specific order:

1. FA 18 Strike Force A very cool game where you have to protect your Aircraft Carrier – excellent maneuverability

2. The Blade You’re in Medieval Times and have to protect your castle from attack…sound easy…it’s not

3. Dfence 2 A game where you have to build factories, Cities and defend them against a futuristic robot army

4. Air Wolf A simple game with excellent maneuverability…you’re in a dogfight and you’re going to have to be smarter than they are

5. Sea Hawk A very cool game like FA 18 Strike Force with excellent maneuverability….the object is to protect your frigate against other helicopters, patrol boats, and submarines

6. A Tank Named Grizzly A G.I.Joe tank game that takes place in the City, try to stay alive and get as many points as you can

7. Tanks 2008 A tank game with excellent maneuverability whereby you try to destroy as many things as you can…including various ememies

8. Stalingrad 2 One of the best turret games on the Net, if not the best one…if you like turret games this will be right up your alley

9.The Commanders Sister Don’t let the name fool you, this is an excellent turret strategy game, and will definitely test your skills ( you can bypass the story )

10. Battlefield 2: Flash Edition If you like ‘ first-person shooters ‘ this will be an excellent warm-up to your higher-end game…testing your shooting ability, speed, and reflexes

Well, there you have it…our Top Ten Online Military Battle Arcade Games

For a list of all our Military Battle Arcade Games: Go Here

To get to our ‘ dedicated ‘ Military Battle Arcade Game Site: Go Here

and…Enjoy! 😀

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