Most of you know what a Point n’ Click game is. But for the few who don’t, it is a game where you point at things and click them. Usually they are games where you need to figure out clues, escape rooms or situations, find things/objects to help you, hover your mouse over things, etc…

basically they’re very simple and straightforward..but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are easy…some aren’t.

Some require you to shoot your way out of a situation in the game, some require good comprehension skills, some challenge your ability to anticipate what your next move should be ( like Chess ). Some are on timers and/or require you to complete some tasks within a certain time frame.

But they’re fun…and generally family friendly…sure some are gory, bloody, but a lot less than your typical action movie.

Top Ten Point and Click Online Games: in no particular order

1. Puzzled Series: is a series of 4 games ( we have all 4 of them ) where you must escape rooms. Each of the rooms in the series looks like sparsely furnished offices or storage closets. If you’ve never played a point n’ click game before this series would be good to start off with. Just to get your feet wet.

Puzzled 1

2. Covert Front: is a series of two games ( we have them both )…where you’re thrown back in time to the early 1900’s. You have to search the home, sometimes the yard around the home, for clues and items to use. Basically you are a spy, and looking for clues as to the disappearance of several scientists.

Covert Front

3. Crimson Room: is a classic escape the room game. You’re out on a drunk, then wake up in a bedroom you don’t recognize, and have to figure your way out.

Crimson Room

4. Ice Escape: is another series of two games ( we have them both ) that take place in the cold Arctic ( or maybe the cold Antarctic )  and you have to survive. These games will require you to shoot bugs…lots of different points in the game…or avoid hyperthermia.

Ice Escape

5. Sahara: The Objective: is a bomb disarmament game. You have only two minutes to get the job done in the right sequence or the bomb will trigger the reactor and the World will end.

Sahara: The Objective

6. The Package: is another bomb disarmament game. however, this time you have 15 minutes to diffuse the bomb. But you have to go through several challenges to do it.

The Package

7. Shift: is a very unusual point n’ click game that should really appeal to pretty much everyone.

Interesting Point and Click Game 1

8. Anikas Odyssey: is a great game for the kids ( my daughters absolutely  love this game ). Basically the idea behind it you help a young girl get her rabbit back.

Anikas Odyssey

9. Alien: Little Ogee: is a great game for pretty much anyone. The object is to stop a guy from destroying the World. This game does require some skill to get through certain levels.

Alien: Little Ogee

And last, but certainly not least…

10. One Off: is a motorcycle point n’ click game. The object is to unlock your bike. Very good graphics for an online point n’ click game.

One Off

Again, like our Twelve Very Cool Games to Kill Some Time we tried to find a variety that we think would appeal to …well…something for everyone, so to speak.  We have several point n’ click games ( probably close to 40 or so ), and these aren’t necessarily the best ones we have but they do accurately represent the diversity of point n’ click games we do have.

Hope you like them, and check out our other 1000+ games while you’re here.

For the Zombie lovers we have several Zombie games, for the First-Person Shooter crowd we have several of them as well ( including flash Battlefield and flash Call of Duty ).

You can find some games here on TAZ, or you can enjoy our 10 ‘ dedicated ‘ game blogs. Each category has no more than 5 games on it, for easy searching ( no wasting your time flipping though tons of pages to find what you want ).  And, as always…our games are:


So no accidental click-offs on blinking annoying ads, distracting your game play.  And no playing a game on a small screen surrounded by nuisance ads, links, posters, and other crap you find on every other game site.

Enjoy! Welcome to TAZ! And leave a comment…we do read them and occasionally respond too. :D


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