This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list of every single top-twitter who might follow you back, and it’s no guarantee that they will follow you back…however, these top-twitters have shown that they are much more willing to follow you than their counterparts.

Note: to even get on this list a Twitter has to have at least 100,000 followers ( or very close to it ) and be following at least a 100,000 people  ( or very close to it ), and the difference between following to followers must be so small that they are virtually following everyone who follows them.

So if you’re looking for people who rank as twitter celebrities ( not necessarily the Hollywood type, but some might be ) who may be interested in what you have to say these are the twitters you need to add to your list.

This list is in no specific order…and…the amount of followers was at the time of this writing and may have since changed.

Top-Twitters that will likely follow you back

All of these twitters have more than 100,000 followers and, in turn, follow a very high significant number of them back.

Guy Kawasaki follows 216,795 back < Photobucket

Judy Rey Wasserman follows 140,727 back < Photobucket

Casey Wright follows 121,716 back < Photobucket

Darren Williger follows 131,908 back < Photobucket

Nansen follows 187,353 back < Photobucket

Rob McNealy follows 154,915 back < Photobucket

Scot McKay follows 111.492 back < Photobucket

Stephen Kruiser follows 102,448 back < Photobucket

Jerell Klaver follows 102,460 back < Photobucket

Brad Howard follows 114,600 back < Photobucket

Radioblogger follows 172,567 back < Photobucket

TechXav follows 144,693 back < Photobucket

Kamper follows 103,427 back < Photobucket

wakooz follows 104,021 back < Photobucket

mark33 follows 105,368 back < Photobucket

Alister Cameron follows 106,587 back < Photobucket

Jean-Luc Raymond follows 136,216 back < Photobucket

ThinkReferrals follows 102,661 back < Photobucket

Sean Malarkey follows 104,266 back < Photobucket

StartupPro follows 154,662 back < Photobucket

brooks bayne follows 108,388 back < Photobucket

Diyana Alcheva follows 101,379 back < Photobucket

Shawn Robinson follows 127,444 back < Photobucket

OlDigitalEye follows 109,469 back < Photobucket

Bear fan Ron Show follows 116,335 back < Photobucket

Alain van Heerden follows 126,857 back

SpaceAstro follows 164,263 back

Chris Latko follows 140,140 back

Dalai Lama follows 104,553 back < unverified account

Larry Wentz follows 157,697 back

Aaron Lee follows 111,289 back

Close but not quite there yet

Jay Oatway follows 97,040 back < Photobucket

Douglas Idugboe follows 99,208 back < Photobucket

Kevin Cottrell follows 99,677 back < Photobucket

EcoInteractive follows 94,031 back < Photobucket

mattbacak follows 92,606 back < Photobucket

Ronnie Wilson follows 91,355 back

Debbas follows 102,894 back < Photobucket ( even though he presently follows over 100,000 he presently is shy of 100,000 following him )

EverywhereTrip follows 99,350 back < Photobucket

djc8080 follows 91,107 back

Gerald Weber follows 93,855 back < Photobucket

Foodimentary follows 103,190 back ( even though he/she presently follows over 100,000 he/she presently is shy of 100,000 following him )

Dave Malby follows 95,769 back < Photobucket

Michael Millman follows 95,788 back < Photobucket

Mike Klingler follows 93,036 back < Photobucket

BigRichB follows 95,074 back < Photobucket

Bill Austin follows 105,460 back ( even though he presently follows over 100,000 he presently is shy of 100,000 following him )

Chris Brogan follows 96,815 back

Live Earth follows 94,591 back

Orrin Woodward follows 91,344 back < Photobucket

Duncan C. Wierman follows 92,180 back < Photobucket

Dave Dube follows 93,525 back < Photobucket

You might be wondering about the 5 Stars ‘ Photobucket ‘ beside many of them…well…for one thing they all follow me, so they have good taste…or at least a good sense of humor about them…but that’s not the only reason I highly recommend them…

none of the ‘ highly recommended ‘ on this list has ever spammed my DM box that I am aware of.

The ones not  ‘ highly recommended ‘  are such because I don’t know them…never spoke to them…have no idea who they are…so it’s impossible to recommend them.

All however have an extremely high followers to following ratio…the distance being almost negligible.

More might be added at a future date so stay tuned.

If you’d like to recommend someone yourself feel free to leave a comment. We do read them.


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