So…..a guy ( Alek Minassian, 28 ) gets into his van and drives down the sidewalk ( on Yonge Street ) running people over because he believed women didn’t want to have sex with him. He was arrested and has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and 16 counts of attempted murder. Defense lawyers are arguing Minassian’s diagnosed autism meant that he was not capable of making rational ethical choices.

Is anyone else sick and tried of hearing excuses for people’s behavior? Seems like no one is ever responsible anymore. What ever happened to the good ole’ days when, if you did something wrong, it was because you were wrong……period, end of story. Everyone has an excuse, if it’s not some medical excuse, it’s a mental excuse, if it’s not a mental excuse it’s an emotional excuse, if it’s not an emotional excuse it’s an environmental excuse, if it’s not an environmental excuse it’s a societal excuse. I’m not responsible for my behavior because I have autism, mental distress, angry because I grew up in a poor community or was neglected by my rich parents, and society rejected me because of the color of my skin, or my heritage, or because I’m anti-social, or because I’ve got 6 fingers on my left hand.

We should not even bring excuses into the argument, did you kill him? Yes! Then that’s it, I don’t care why you did it, you did it, so let’s fry your ass. We need to start making people responsible for their actions again. Sure, we can look at the underlining reasons after conviction when it’s comes to sentencing someone, to make a fair and just decision as to punishment, but that should be after the trial, after the conviction, not during.


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