OK, so you have a website/blog…and you think it looks good ( let’s assume it does ๐Ÿ˜€ ), and you’re pumping out regular posts containing valuable ( or at least interesting ) quality content.

And you’re getting only a few views a day…a handful of unique visitors…your brother, your sister, a couple friends, and the neighborhood feral cat.

And you think ‘ geeeez, I thought I’d be getting millions of viewers by now! ‘

Sucks, don’t it?! Great site, great content, stuck in the millions on Alexa, and no traffic.

Let’s face facts…if you went through all the trouble to put up a site, especially if you went out and bought a domain and your own hosting, went though the time and effort to get it right so it looks good to you, went through the hassle of fixing any hiccups along the way, went though the effort to create original high-quality content ( or, at least, good content )…you want people to come to your site…otherwise why did you go through all that trouble in the first place ( not really a question, seeing as we already know the answer ).

There are literally millions of sites on the Internet…by last count over 180 million of them…and only 1 million of those get enough traffic ( to be perfectly blunt ) to even warrant their existence. And only the top 500,000 get enough traffic to have even a modest presence on the Internet.

We can’t all be Number 1…the first 10,000 spots are pretty much taken by the ‘ big boys ‘ and you’d have to come up with a better mousetrap ( like Facebook did to MySpace ) to squeeze yourself in there with the likes of Microsoft and CNN.

And even though it’s possible you could get your site into the top 100,000 it’s not easy to stay there, there’s always someone looking to bump you out and take your place. The Internet is ever-changing, new sites, new fangled ideas, new software, etc…if your site is at 80,000th and you’re doing nothing to keep your spot, you won’t be there long.

So, for most of us, we need to shoot for the top 500,000. If your site is in the top 500,000 then you’re in a good place. Not necessarily a great place, but you’re doing alright. But, even if you’re in the top million you at least have the ability to say your site has enough traffic to validate it’s existence.

For all the site owners who are more than 1 millionth the bright side is there are things you can do to improve your traffic.

1. you could add your site/s to directories, preferably directories that offer you more than a link deep in their listings, so deep even god couldn’t find you. My own directories offer not only a listing but you can also submit articles and leave comments.

They are also ‘ dedicated ‘ directories. Which are far better than your typical ‘ everything under the sun ‘ directories. As ‘ dedicated ‘ directories the traffic generated is significantly more target-oriented.

The Sports Directory

The Tech Directory

The Social Directory

2. you could join a site like TAZ that is already in the top 500,000 ( 261,836th at the time of this posting ), make posts, and allow a larger audience to get to know you and familiarize themselves to you. If they like what they read they will check out what you’ve written elsewhere too.

Unfortunately the TAZ has never been open to user-registration. The only way you can become a posting member of TAZ is if you are invited, or request an invitation. If you request an invitation, unless we know you fairly well, chances are you will be refused.ย  Just being honest so you don’t waste your time, and don’t put us in a position of having to refuse…we hate telling people no.

You’d greatly improve your chances of being invited if you leave comments here, or converse with me on Twitter or Blip.

Those two are ways, if you want to get more traffic, and a better Alexa rating, you should be pursuing. And pursing them ‘ actively ‘ and ‘ regularly ‘.

If you ‘ actively ‘ add your site/s to my directories ( and any other directory that offers more than just a listing ), post articles to my directories, leave comments on sites in my directories…

if you ‘ actively ‘ join sites like TAZ ( any site that is already in the top 500,000 ), and post ‘ regularly ‘ , you will create interest in what you have to say which will translate into readers.

This advice isn’t just dead advice, it is advice I follow myself. I am an active member of ‘ other ‘ sites in the top 500,000…and I have added my sites to, and participate in, ‘ other ‘directories as well.

But…the key word here is ‘ active ‘…’ active ‘ participation. If you join other sites, and add your site/s to directories, then stop any further participation…then they’re not going to help you. You’re simply not going to benefit from being inactive.

The more ‘ active ‘ you are…the more benefit you will receive from it…that is just plain ole’ common sense.

Submit your site/s to directories, like the three we have, actively post articles, actively leave comments…join sites like TAZ and actively post articles, and actively leave comments.

If you do just those two things…and even if you do nothing else…I can virtually guarantee that your site will get substantially more traffic and a substantially better ranking.

Of course…if your site is already in the top 500,000 you likely already know this and are doing it already.

if you like this article, or any other article on TAZ, why not share it with your friends on Digg or elsewhere.

By admin

Former Freehand Freelance Graphic Illustrator... been online since 2004 ( late starter ), blogging since 2005, presently writing a suspense-thriller e-book that began as a screenplay.

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  2. Unfortunately, most of the techies I know are hackers and sysadmins ( System Administrators ), people in the field of Internet Security. That’s why we have so many security tutorials. Our two database guys with experience in php are presently AWOL ๐Ÿ˜€ ( one for personal reasons, the other recently graduated and is probably off partying )…but neither of them are web designers either.
    I don’t know of anyone ( personally ) off-hand that is capable of building a WordPress theme from the ground floor up to meet my requirements. A couple can build a reasonable website but not advanced enough for my needs.
    So…I’ll keep looking around for a premium WordPress template that isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg and meets our needs.
    If I can’t find one I might have to have one custom built. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    If we change the template I want it to be an improvement on this one…go up, not down. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. With all the techie people you know it seems to me there must be someone who designs among them. Maybe you could find someone who will build what you want? It’s too bad that as an author I can’t reply to your comments on your posts without coming to your page, but as long as it works on my posts it’s not a problem.

  4. Going to need to upgrade again soon…that might get rid of any new hiccups in the system…but I hate the idea of upgrading. And I never use WordPress automatic upgrade feature anymore after the two times it frucked up and I had to restore the files, the database, and the content from backups.
    What worries me is compatibility…this template wasn’t designed for the new versions of WordPress, and the designer no longer provides support or upgrades to it. Eventually it’s going to need to be replaced.
    Been looking around but so far I haven’t found anything else I like as much as this puppy.

  5. That must be it. I’d say I was benefiting from a glitch in the system because I also could access your drafts, and now I can’t. LOL

  6. When I created a test author account I was able to make a post, comment on the post, and edit the comment on the post…but when I posted a comment on someone else’s post I wasn’t able to edit it.
    I think if you check your own posts you’ll see you can edit your comments…you just can’t edit them on someone else’s post.
    You probably just never noticed it before ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Up until today, when I moused over the block containing the comment I would get a line of actions. Delete, unapprove, edit, reply. or something like that. That line is now gone. I can’t edit my comments, nor delete my comment nor reply to your comments from the dashboard. I wouldn’t use the unapprove because you’d be the only one I’d be unapproving. LOL . I cleared cookies, and that didn’t even help. I can post from the Dashboard, and enter edit posts feature which has the line of post related stuff that you mouse over to get, but nada on the comments.

  8. ” comment โ€œreplyโ€ button from my Dashboard ” really??? That’s odd..if it doesn’t get corrected let me know because then I’ll have to create an account like yours to see what you’re seeing ( or not seeing ๐Ÿ˜€ ) …because at my end everything looks OK.

  9. Huh! I so speshul you stole my comment “reply” button from my Dashboard. *sniff*. I hasta come to the post and use comment box to say sumpthin. ๐Ÿ™

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