Of course you’ve heard by now that Obamacare is the law of the land. But how much misinformation have you been force-fed, especially by those in the mainstream media who haven’t taken the time to study much of the law or from sources that hoped the law wouldn’t make it through the Supreme Court given some of their recent decisions indicating corporations over people?

Normally, this would be the time for a disclaimer; as a woman living in New York state who has had multiple surgeries I confess that the passage of Obamacare is beneficial to me on several levels. First, as a woman I won’t be subjected to higher premiums than a man would pay. Second, as a taxpayer, I’m paying a portion of all unnecessary  emergency room visits in the state so knowing that a significant reduction in state expenses is on its way is a good thing. Third, as someone who has had numerous surgical procedures, knowing that crap stuff happens, I’m breathing a heavy sigh of relief knowing that my now pre-existing conditions won’t automatically preclude me from getting new coverage and I don’t have to worry about that lifetime coverage cap, which can be reached very quickly in a country where medical services come with staggeringly high price tags.

Now, having said that, there’s no need for a disclaimer when the facts are out there for everyone to read — so, back to the misinformation. There’s no need to reprint them here but many useful tools exist to evaluate the Affordable Care Act. Among others, the Kaiser Family Foundation (not associated with Kaiser Permanente or Kaiser Industries), a U.S.-based non-partisan, non-profit organisation that is a leader in health policy analysis has a quiz to test our understanding and dispel myths, lies and misperceptions about what Obamacare really is and what it means.

Take the Health Reform Quiz here. Surveys have shown that when asked about “Obamacare” many on the right, and those who identify themselves as ‘independent’ voters, thought the law should have been repealed, but once they were asked about various provisions of the law — and told about benefits that apply to them directly — they were in favour.

It proves a point: a little bit of knowledge helps!

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