OK, I admit I like shows like the People’s Court, Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, Judge Alex, Judge Joe Brown, but not so much the rest of the pack. And was a regular watcher of the People’s Court, back in the day of Judge Wapner, before these shows became a popular TV attraction.

Wapner is still my favorite, probably because he was the first, and probably because I was a regular watcher of Perry Mason years before. Which laid down the groundwork for my interest in Court Drama. I remember watching the guy in the wheelchair too, what was his name again? Ironsides I think. Not sure what that has to do with this but the recollection of Perry Mason reminded me of it.

Judge Judy is a feisty old broad/gal ( what’s the politically correct word these days? ) , n’ I think that’s the most appealing thing about her to me. I like her no nonsense, I don’t care about your problems or your excuses, attitude. Mathis being just the opposite, he wants to hear the sob stories while poking a bit o’ fun along the way.

But I digress…

this post is about something related but not the above…

this post is about the way court is appallingly unfair. You constantly hear Judge Milian saying ” it’s about making you whole ” …OK, fair enough…but where’s the penalty?

Basically you have a guy who does, let’s say $1500 worth of work, and doesn’t get paid, the check bounces, the client puts a stop on the check, it never comes, whatever…

so after several failed attempts to get paid, he finally decides to take it to court. And there he is in court trying to get justice…get paid. And despite the inconvenience he has to go through to get paid he just gets awarded what he’s owed…not a penny more.

But…that’s not the problem either.

The person who owed him receives no penalty at all for not paying him. None. Nada. All he has to do is pay what he owed. What he should have paid all along.


what’s the message here?

the message that’s being sent out is ‘ don’t pay ‘. Don’t pay anyone. If you don’t get taken to court you get the work for free. If you do get taken to court and lose, all you’re going to incur is what you owed all along anyways.

There should be a penalty. A cost. For not living up to your obligations. Otherwise, why pay anyone?

Does anyone else find this absurd? I certainly do. 😉

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2 thoughts on “TV Courtroom Drama”
  1. Not only is there no penalty, there also is no guarantee you’ll ever get your money. I have to remember to renew the lien we placed on a customers home when they wouldn’t pay the award. If we outlive the guy, and his house gets sold, we’ll get our money. Until then we just have to wait. He even has the balls to call us to do further work for him now and again. I’m not kidding.

    I like Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown. Took a look at Judge Gloria Allred and nearly died laughing at how strange she is.

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