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Twelve Very Cool Games to Kill Some Time

Some of us don’t have hours to sit around and play a game, sometimes we only have a few minutes here n’ there, n’ that’s the beauty of the games on TAZ, they aren’t the type that’s going to take out a huge chunk out of your day.

Most of TAZ’s over 1000 games take from just a few minutes to less than an hour to play. Of course, some can get pretty addicting so you might play the game over n’ over again, but we can’t do anything about that. 😀

I’ve played, and enjoyed these 12 games myself and I highly recommend them…they have decent graphics, they’re fun, and they don’t require a long commitment that’s going to get you fired from your job.

Of course, different boats for different folks…what rocks you boat might be different than what rocks someone else’s boat. So these games might appeal to you, or they might not.  But I tried to find 12 games that are diverse enough that you’ll find at least one game you really really like.

FFX Racing

One of my favorite games is FFX Racing, because you can not only race, you can actually flip the cars over like a turtle on their backs. Sometimes I play just to flip all seven cars over. The game doesn’t end till you cross the finish line, so you can drive till your heart’s content. In fact my daughter loves just driving the car around. After I flipped all the cars over she’s right there asking for her turn.

The object is to win the race, not flip cars…but I find flippin’ cars more fun in this game.

FFX Racing

Sea Hawk

If you like helicopters, boats, and saving lives…then Sea Hawk is a great game for you. Good graphics, and easy controls. By far one of the very best arcade-style online sea-battle games there is.  The object of this game is to save people in the water, and at the same time protect your ship from being attacked.

Sea Hawk

Monkey Cliff Diving

The object of Monkey Cliff Diving is to make your monkeys dive into the water. If they don’t they get squashed on the rocks. A cool game if you don’t mind bloody squished monkeys ( it’s just a game folks 😛 ).

I’ve had a lot of fun with this one, and it does have the ability to teach good anticipation skills too. Cause you really do need to jump at just the right time, from different heights, and increasingly faster speeds.

Monkey Cliff Diving

3D Superball

3D Superball is not an easy game… for me anyways. Simple enough though, and soccer ( footy ) fans should love it. I like it and I’m crap at it. 😀

Object is to keep the soccer ball going, with use of the mouse. Kinda like one player ping-pong. If you like games like Pong and like soccer you should love this game.

3D Superball

Dead Frontier Night One

Bwaaahaaaaaa! Zombie killin’ time. Probably the best online Zombie killin’ games ( there’s three of them and you can play all three on my site ) there is ( and TAZ has a lot of Zombie games ). Survival is at a premium though, I’ve played this game several times only to get eaten alive.

Great game if you like Zombies and like trying to stay alive under brutal conditions.

Dead Frontier Night One

Aliens the Game

I’m sure you’ve seen the Aliens movies. Well this game is Aliens the Game. And it’s actually three games in one. Yes, it’s your job to save Ripley, Hicks, Hudson, Newt, and the rest of them from the hordes of Aliens.

I’ve played this game quite a few times and managed, in the first game, to save at most 7 of them. The second game I find really very hard and always end up killing everyone. The third game ( probably the easiest of the three )  is saving Newt, and I have managed to save her.

If you liked Aliens the movies, you will absolutely love this game.

Aliens the Game


Now now now…who doesn’t like Pacman??? Do I even need to explain what this game is about? 😀


Deal or No Deal

We have several games that are like the original game shows you see on TV. Games like ‘ Who Wants to be a Millionaire ‘ ‘ Apprentice ‘ ‘ TBS Texas Holdem’ Poker ‘ ‘ Wheel of Fortune ‘ ‘ Who Wants to be a Millionaire 2 ‘ etc…

For the most part they are carbon copies of their TV counterpart. And they play the same way.

Deal or No Deal

Yeti Sports 2: Orca Slap

Well if you’ve been on the Internet for longer than a month, and have gone to any game site looking for something to do to kill a few minutes, you’ve probably encountered at least one Yeti game. We have 7 of the 10 that were made.

Yeti Sports 2: Orca Slap


Sports! Sports! Sports! If ya love sports we have the best collection of sports games on the Net. Baseball, Hockey, Footy, Football, Golf, Basketball, Cricket, Surfing, Snowboarding, Rugby, Snowmobiling, Skiing, you name it we probably have it.

Test your skills as a hitter??? Go ahead, see how good you are! 😀


Thing-Thing Arena 2

Thing-Thing ( like Stickman Sam ) is a staple of online Internet games. We have all 5 Thing-Thing games ( we also have all the Stickman Sam games too ). Several different modes of play. Lots o’ guns. Loads of fun!

Thing Thing Arena 2

Ultimate Flash Sonic

And last but certainly not least, a fan favorite…yep…it’s…it’s…Sonic the Hedgehog. You’d think he’d retired by now, but nope, the guy is still as fast and as crazy as ever.

Ultimate Flash Sonic

I could easily recommend every game on my site, seeing as each was hand-picked by me.  But I narrowed it down to 12 in various genres to attempt to accommodate various tastes.

Hope you like them, and check out our other 1000+ games while you’re here.

For the Point-n-Click lovers we have several ‘ escape the… ‘ games, for the First-Person Shooter crowd we have several of them as well ( including flash Battlefield and flash Call of Duty ).

You can find some games here on TAZ, or you can enjoy our 10 ‘ dedicated ‘ game blogs. Each category has no more than 5 games on it, for easy searching ( no wasting your time flipping though tons of pages to find what you want ).  And, as always…our games are:


So no accidental click-offs on blinking annoying ads, distracting your game play.  And no playing a game on a small screen surrounded by nuisance ads, links, posters, and other crap you find on every other game site.

Enjoy! Welcome to TAZ! And leave a comment…we do read them and occasionally respond too. 😀


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4 Responses to Twelve Very Cool Games to Kill Some Time

  1. Curtain Lining December 2, 2010 at 3:07 am

    i love to play internet games specially on facebook where you have farmville and mafiawars `-*

  2. Megalotto 6/45 Results · November 3, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    i love to play different internet games during my idle times at work “”

  3. admin September 4, 2010 at 5:01 am

    I’ve got Bubble Shooter ( but I couldn’t tell you where it is off-hand )…if you like Pacman you should like:
    Baby Pacman
    Extreme Sketch Pacman
    I’ve also got Ms. Pacman someplace 😀

  4. Butterose September 3, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    I like your Pacman game. I have been playing that plus Millionaire for a few days now. My othre online favorite is a game called Bubble Shooter. I play the iggogle version. Not as big as your games, but doable.

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