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@Twitter needs to fix the problems not just add more Fluff

tazicon3Recently some people asked me why I don’t spend as much time on Twitter as I once did. I like my Twitter friends, I enjoy their company… but…

Twitter needs to get their shit together…and fix the problems…not add more useless crap and fluff to play with.

Problems like :

following people you didn’t follow…I just unfollowed about a dozen more people I know I never followed…but somehow, magically, I was following them…

having people you are following magically become unfollowed…even though you didn’t unfollow them…recently, Twitter decided to unfollow a bunch of people I was following, including 32 who were on my Best Twitter list…luckily I found out and re-followed them…

being unable to unfavorite your favorites…although they seem to have fixed this…for now anyways…

downtime and slow page loads…

sent messages that don’t appear in my sent messages…

and I could go on…but I won’t…because they don’t listen anyways. In fact they said once in an article they don’t even read tweets directed at them.

I’ll continue to Tweet, but not because I like Twitter ( I don’t anymore ), and not because I’m willing to ignore the problems ( I’m not )…the only thing that will keep me coming back are the friends I’ve made.

Twitter offers nothing else of value beyond the friend’s I’ve met, for me anyways…all-in-all I’d rather play music on Blip.

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