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Twitter Traffic Machine and TweeterGetter: The Facts about Protecting yourself

Twitter Traffic Machine

The first thing that worries me is that there is no ‘ privacy policy ‘ that I can see which informs you what they will or will not do with the information they request from you.

Never ever give your passwords or info to any site unless you KNOW what they are going to do with it

They request your name and e-mail address without ever telling you that they will not sell it, share it, or use it in ways that would not meet with your approval, including selling your information to third parties.

Essentially by providing your name and e-mail to them you give them carte blanche authority to do whatever they please with your information.

To operate a site that requests personal information without offering a policy informing you of how they plan to use and secure that information is the first warning sign of a scam or fraud at worst or at least a very irresponsible site.

Never ever give your passwords or info to any site unless you KNOW what they are going to do with it

The second thing that caught my eye was the disclaimer. A standard disclaimer offering the basics such as:

the testimonials here illustrate extraordinary results and unique experiences which do not apply to most customers


we do not promise, guarantee or imply that you (or that your use of our products and services will improve your operation, raise your internet profile, or increase your revenues

which when translated means: good luck, you have as much chance of making this work as you do getting a date with your favorite actor.

The Twitter Traffic Machine is just another way to take money from gullible people by offering desperate people with pipe dreams of wealth.

The only people who are really benefitting are the ones selling you this, very questionable, service.

And it wouldn’t surprise me if they are collecting e-mail addresses to sell to third parties…which is a very lucrative business that they are likely pursuing.

People, please apply some ‘ common sense ‘ …and some integrity…sites like that wouldn’t be taking advantage of gullible people if YOU didn’t help them.

If you are participating in this…promoting it…fostering it…feeding it…YOU are as much the problem as they are.


Again a site with no privacy policy protecting your rights.

But even worse than that it requests your Twitter password and has no disclaimer whatsoever that I was able to find.

Never ever give your passwords or info to any site unless you KNOW what they are going to do with it

It’s too bad you can’t force integrity on these people…or protect people from their own stupidity.

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