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UFC 229 Conor vs Khabib

T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas on October the 6th. The fight everyone has been talking about for years, the fight everyone’s been waiting for, the fight that might not even happen. Conor has been erratic in his behavior for quite some time, and Khabib has a history of pulling out of big fights.

Personally, I liked Conor the first couple years, he was fresh, confident, and funny. Pulling off one-liners like ‘ tree people died making this watch ‘ and ‘ who da fock was that guy ‘. It was hard not to like the guy even if he didn’t win any fights. But he did win his fights and, for the most part, in amazing fashion. But then things changed. Was it the money? The power? Suddenly, the funny quirky likable guy became a dick, an asshole, a prima donna.

Khabib, is over rated. Sure a lot of people tout this guy as amazing, but the fact is he’s only had 5 fights that are even close to being notable, and 4 of them went to a decision. 3 of them weren’t even against a top 10 fighter. So regardless of all the talk about this guy he hasn’t proven himself to be the world beater everyone claims he is.

Ferguson is the fight that should be made.

All that being said, and maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think a 2 year lay-off from MMA is going to help Conor. He doesn’t come across to me like a GSP, who can leave the sport for an extended period and still come back and dominate. So that gives Khabib the advantage.

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