OK we all know the official headliner was Alexander Volkanovski verses Brian Ortega but, that being said, the fight everyone was waiting for was Nick Diaz verses Robbie Lawler. Both huge names in the MMA/UFC community. Not because they have great records, they don’t, Lawler is 29-15 with arguably his best wins to date being over Cerrone and Condit, and Diaz is 26-10 with his best being wins over a pre-prime Lawler and a past prime Penn.

But they both have big personalities that cater to the basest of MMA fans. And when they fight, they actually do fight. Which is the same reason guys like Diego Sanchez and Clay Guido are so popular with fans. They put on a show. And you know you’re going to get a show. I have never seen a boring Diaz fight, a boring Lawler fight, when they fight you get your money’s worth. But, seriously, neither have HOF records, and neither have won the fights that matter the most, unless you call that win Lawler had over that poser Hendricks a significant win. Well, it did get him the belt, so I guess you can throw that in Lawler’s favor.

As for the fight itself at UFC 266, Lawler won.

( image courtesy of mmafighting.com )

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