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UK ‘cookie law’ takes effect – Yesterday

I was going to write up an article on this yesterday but got side-tracked into doing something else. Then today I came across ZDNet’s article which explains it more thoroughly than I was planning to. So here’s some excerpts from that article.

If this is the first you’ve heard about it and you own a U.K. website that uses cookies — such as those with shopping carts, adverts, a login function, or text-size preferences — or develop for a mobile application platform… whoops.

You had until today to comply with the new European cookie law.

Cookies allow websites to offer a more personalised experience, such as remembering a user’s preferences. Cookies can also be used for tracking user behaviour, and also by website owners to track how often their pages are being visited and other interesting non-personal user information.

Only a few days before the May 26 deadline, the ICO updated its guidance to state that “implied consent” will suffice, seemingly going against the original European Directive. The ICO said that the continued use of a website or Web application would imply the user is consenting to the changes…

In this scenario, while your U.S. website and all other non-E.U. websites are not liable to this law, your dedicated pages for the U.K., Italy, France, Germany, and so on, are all affected. It’s just the U.K. has taken a little longer to get the wheels in motion.

The ICO said [PDF] it had contacted Facebook, Google, Amazon, AOL, and Apple UK — including dozens more to ‘remind’ about compliance with the new law. It also includes major media websites, such as the BBC — which is now compliant, a BBC spokesperson said — along with other media organisations, such as Associated Newspapers Ltd., which owns the Metro and Daily Mail websites.

UK ‘cookie law’ takes effect: What you need to know | ZDNet

( image courtesy of ZDNet )

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