As some of you are aware, who use AVG products that, there has been an issue of late. This issue has been resolved.

There never was a problem on this site! From Google Webmaster Tools:

Google has not detected any malware on this site.

After several weeks of painstaking scanning and searching files for Exploit Javascript Obfuscation Type 1494, and being cleared by multiple services including:

Google Safe Browsing
Rex HTML viewer
Microsoft Safety Scanner
HTTP Web-Sniffer
Trend Micro
Unmask Parasites
among others…

and after being examined twice by our hosting company technician,

the only instance that was ever found was a redirect on one of our subs was found through Wepawet, and was fixed weeks ago.

But AVG insisted there was a problem. And after several pages of discussions, and them offering no actionable assistance at all, they finally offered to have their own web threat technician take a look. So I packaged up three complete sites totaling 1.37GB and sent them to AVG. After over a week they finally produced the results of that examination.

And again nothing was found on this site!

Their web threat technician found three items, two on a completely separate domain and one in a sub-domain. One of which was clearly not malicious and two that were definitely suspect. I however cleaned up all three instances anyways.

As I told them…I think it should be noted that not all obscured code is malicious. My main site uses a premium paid template, but my subs, and lesser domains, use free templates.

Like many of the games on my sites the game developer or owner has ads that load before the game loads (like YouTube does), this is to pay the owner or developer for the development and the use of the game…

free theme developers do the same thing…

only they may obscure ads within the theme to help pay for the use and development of their themes, obscure certain code to prevent theft, or obscure the footer links to (as I said before) prevent people from removing them.

I have taken all available measures to ensure that all our sites are clean. Including removing legitimate code placed by theme developers, that is also being picked up by AVG. As first and foremost we want to ensure that our visitors are protected.

Apparently AVG cannot differentiate between a main domain and it’s subs, or this site would never have found it’s way into the fold. Nor can it differentiate between legitimate obscured code and malicious code. It just automatically assumes that any obscured code must be malicious, and in many cases it’s not.

Anyone who uses the Firefox add-on JavaScript Deobfuscator 1.6.3 can tell you that even Google and YouTube obscures a ton of code that can’t be seen through viewing a page source.

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