Over the past week, we’ve witnessed something spectacular in this country: the awakening of the sleeping giant that is the female population. Of course, women have always been a formidable force — but sometimes, a formidable force runs head-first into an immovable object…and great things start to happen.

VAGINA. Huh, wait…what? What does, um, that have to do with anything?

Yeah, I said it. Here it is again: V A G I N A.

I can say it — after all, I’m not a Michigan Representative so when I say it there isn’t going to be a crowd of men to silence me.

The very same men who want to silence the women who used the word in a discussion about abortion are the very same men who are making legislative decisions about it. Representative Lisa Brown may have been silenced and banned from the House floor when she used the word but that ridiculous decision woke many women up.

In the end, Ms. Brown hasn’t been silenced and neither have the women who now realise that their rights are under attack. Despite GOP objections to the term, the recent action coupled with the aggressive drive to put more restrictive laws on the books, shows that the so-called “War on Women” is very real.

Men telling their female colleagues to be good little girls, sit down and shut up is not the way to begin discussions on an already contentious issue. Women have been fed misinformation about pregnancy termination, contraceptives and breast cancer screenings — to name a few — all in the name of political gamesmanship and the ultimate objective of control over women’s bodies.

It’s a joke that those lawmakers can’t stand the use of the word “vagina” when that  is the correct medical term — but that has not stopped the deluge of laws about vaginas.

Vagina: Don’t legislate it if you can’t say it.

See this clip and support the move to overturn the ban.

( image courtesy of ACLU Nationwide )
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