Haven’t posted recently because I’ve been preoccupied with other things. So, I was thinking we should talk about something, catch-up so to speak. Maybe make this a ‘ mutt ‘ post, a little bit about a lot of things.


My daughters are at the age ( pre-teen, one teen next month ) where I’m thinking Greenland’s looking pretty good about now. 😀 They’re both guy-magnets, and unfortunately you just can’t hang them ( the guys ) off the balcony like you could back in the 70’s. 😀


Sometimes it really sucks ( to be blunt ) working for charities. Don’t get me wrong, I love the freedom that working from home provides ( been doing it for about 12 years ), I love helping people ( been actively involved with charities and civil rights for 35 years ),  I love being able to spend more time with my daughters because I don’t have to be away from home more than a third of each day, what I don’t love is the unstable nature of getting paid. I can’t even begin to count how many times they’ve not paid me this year. Granted I understand their situation, it’s getting rough out there, but excuses don’t feed my family or pay my rent.


Still churning out the tunes on Blip. As a former collector I love the oldies ( 60”s-70’s ), I like the more recent music too ( 80’s-10’s ) but you always have a greater fondness for the music you grew up with. Also still playing the hard-to-get, one-hit wonders, and rare music that you don’t hear on top 40 classic radio. Even though it’s not received all that well ( the rare stuff ). But I like it, and I understand that most of those who are on Blip are likely way too young to ‘ dig ‘ the 60’s.

But I love Blip, love playin’ music, and having a bit o’ fun while I’m at it. You really gotta have a sense o’ humor to listen to me. 😀


I love my games ( the games on my site and my 10 dedicated game blogs ). I find a quick game now and then is a great way to chill and mind-hibernate for a few minutes here n’ there. Just take your mind off of the stress of the day for awhile., or just kill a few minutes. All of TAZ’s games can be played in under an hour, and most in 15-30 minutes. ( and they’re ad-free and full-screen too ). I think higher-end games are cool too, like WOW and Call-of-Duty ( for example ), but I just don’t have the time. If it takes more than an hour to play it’s too long.


I may be a bit biased but I think our forum is the best forum on the Net. It’s very relaxed, with a great group of people ( the best ), the members are extremely knowledgeable about computers and Internet Security ( all the tutorials are original compositions by the members of TAZforum ), so, if you’re looking for a forum, check it out. It’s not very busy, at present, but you won’t find a better group anywhere else.

Well I guess that’s it for now…spank ya all later! 😀

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6 thoughts on “Waaaaazup! Babies!”
  1. I was planning on inviting them all here. 😀 But I don’t see Twitter as just a collection of problems…I like the friends I’ve made there, and they are the only reason I ever go back at all, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t even bother. Then there’s the time factor, you can only do so much; the time I would have spent on Twitter when I joined is now spent on Blip, TAZforum, Fried Eggs, Broo, BC, and a Debate site…if I spent more time on Twitter I would have to reduce the already very limited time I spend on other sites. 😉
    I assumed that eventually that would happen to my list, as people move on to other things fairly regularly, especially on social networking sites and forums, but I never intended to keep it updated indefinitely. It was expected.

  2. Ummm, just how exactly did you plan on keeping the “friends” you said you made there? I bet you didn’t even know that nearly 50 of the people on your Best Twitters list have stopped posting or closed their accounts. See? The biggest difference between you and me is I don’t consider Twitter to be just the annoying software and the idiots that can’t fix what’s broken so they keep giving us new products to break. I see the PEOPLE that I converse with regularly. The ones that notice when I’m not there for a few days and ask if I’m OK. 😀

  3. But I hate Twitter now…well hate’s probably too strong a word, how about -mildly despise it 😀 For the first month or so it was fun, but then all the associated problems with it started to get annoying, eventually to the point it was annoying even to go there. The only time I ever go there now, like you said, is every few days to respond to replies directed specifically at me in my ‘ at ‘ box.

  4. Well, they might if you’d actually leave Blip and stop into Twitter once in awhile. We can’t talk to you when you can’t read what we’re saying until 2 or 3 days later…DUH! 😀

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