So far we haven’t had much reponse to our offer to add 25 of our followers blogs/websites to our Friend’s List, which is really very surprising because these are usually paid advertising spots that we are offering for FREE to our followers, and even more surprising is the fact we are considered a medium to high traffic network ( top 185,000 in the world and top 75,000 in US traffic ) so you would think Twitters would be jumping at the opportunity to get their link placed for FREE.

So, in light of the fact we’ve had such an unusually bad response we will be recinding the offer as it was offered originally to all our followers and limiting the offer to just those on our “Best Twitters to Follow” ( list…and it will be a time limited offer…expiring on the 5th of July, which is two weeks from today.

We will also be reducing the amount of links offered from 25 to 15. Which leaves 12 spaces open.

This offer may not be offered again…this may very well be your last opportunity to get your link on a medium-high traffic network for FREE.

We don’t care how bad your SEO is, we don’t care if you have no traffic…this is an offer we extended to all our followers, and now just offer to those on the “Best Twitters to Follow” ( list.


Simply place our link on your site and then tell me on Twitter that you’ve added our link ( we receive virtually no benefit from low to no traffic links …in fact anyone with even limited SEO knowledge will tell you that us linking to a low-traffic site does us more harm than good …but, frankly we don’t care )…then, after I’ve had a few requests I will add your link to our Friend’s Page.

name: TheTAZZone Network


alt tag: where Internet Chaos becomes an Art Form

Should look like this:

TheTAZZone Network

code: <a title=”where Internet Chaos becomes an Art Form” href=””>TheTAZZone Network</a>

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