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Welcome to 2020

Time for New Year’s Resolutions………Not.

I never subscribed to the notion of starting the New Year off with a bunch of empty promises that I know I have no desire or motivation to follow through on. So, the resolution idea has passed me by every year of my life. Are there things I can do to improve on my life? Definitely. Unless you’re the reincarnated Buddha or the new Dali Lama, I think you fit into the category of definitely too. But will I? Now that’s a question I can definitely answer with a resounding … no. No, I will not devote this year to improving myself as a person, I kinda like me just as I am with all my faults intact.

My faults also help to make me the kind of person that I am. Kinda like when Captain Kirk gets split into 2 people, one having all his good traits and the other having all his bad traits, and he realizes he needs the bad traits as much as he needs the good to be the whole person that he is. So I value my bad traits and habits as much as I embrace my good qualities.

Now I could make small improvements here and there, but I’m of the general opinion if you are going to devote yourself to something never do it half assed. Never start something you aren’t going to complete. Go all the way. Become the Buddha. Reach for Nibbana ( ancient Pali ) or Nirvana ( northern Sanskrit ), or whatever they’re calling it these days.

Besides my bad isn’t really that bad, as far as bad goes, I kinda like my bad. I might even miss my bad and be sullen and depressed without it. Maybe without my bad I’d start liking badminton instead of MMA, and start liking romance movies and romantic comedies rather than action and horror flicks. Ewwwwwww gawd please noooooooo.

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