Welcome to the upgrade…Yes, we finally did it…after sitting at WordPress 2.5 for so long we are now at the latest release 2.7.1

Which is both nice and very surprising considering the guy who did the upgrade can barely make out the difference between up and down. In fact when it comes to anything technical for this guy we think, in this case,  I.T. stands for incompetant twit.

Well…we’re grateful to still be here to enlighten, enjoy, and annoy all you lazy good-for-nothin’ fruckers who come here…

peace…whenever you can get some.

P.S. Kudos to all those hard-working WordPress Developers, Theme Developers, Plugin Developers, Widget Developers, who keep things going.

We luv ya…well…maybe we don’t really luv ya…but we do like ya a lot…really we do.

By admin

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