A collectible is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. At various times in my life I have collected things, or collected nothing. Currently you could say I collect movies, I have a very large collection of movies on DVD and Blu-ray. Well, to me it’s a large collection, to others maybe it would be considered a small collection. Suffice it to say if I was to watch just one movie per day it would take me over 4 years to watch them all. In the past I’ve collected comics, coins, and sports cards.

I had a rather large collection of each thing I’ve collected. And each time, at some point in my life, I’ve regretted getting rid of them. Not only because of the value they would now possess, but also for reasons of nostalgia.

But when we were kids we didn’t think or even know about collectibles or future value, we just collected because it was fun to collect, play, and trade them with our friends. As a result we weren’t careful with them, we put cards in our bike spokes or played tops with them; tops was a game where you would shoot your card toward a wall in turn and if your card landed on ‘ top ‘ of another cards or cards all the cards under yours would then become yours. Comics would be randomly thrown into a closet, we would not put them in baggies with boards for stability, we wouldn’t worry about bending corners or cutting out a ad for sea monkeys, they were just something to read. As a result we essentially made them collectible because we destroyed them, making them rare.

The collectible market today is a sham, they make so many that it will take forever for them to have any real value, and people saving them, and coddling them, makes them even less valuable. For something to have real value it needs to be rare, and no one destroys collectibles like we did in the 60’s.

But people still try to sell things for far more than they are really worth, because some people will still buy them thinking they are worth that much, even though they’re not.

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