I’ve come to the conclusion that the longer I live the less makes sense to me. You could, I suppose, call that senility and to that I’m saying “Not so fast.”

I’ve been keeping track of the attacks by the US Congress on Women’s Health Issues and on what it is many people believe is happening there. Almost exclusively women who are registered Republican are not looking past the abortion issue. Women who are registered Democrats and in some cases Independent are seeing the issue as a wider health issue by factoring in the use of contraceptives for illnesses like polycystic ovarian disease and endometriosis. Republicans are largely Pro-Life while Democrats are Pro-Choice.

So, the pro-life women are rabidly anti-abortion and yet they are against having insurance companies pay for contraceptives to prevent those abortions. To those women you add the rest of the pro-life people and that’s where it gets interesting. When you take a good long look at them, none of them are really pro-life. They are pro-abstinence.

Being pro-life is more than what happens at birth. It’s what happens to that baby from birth to death. It’s an issue of adequate food, clothing, education, jobs, and largely caring for the welfare of every single human being. Pro-life people only care that women are having sexual intercourse and from that act a pregnancy might occur. They want to make sure that baby is born, and then they don’t give a damn what happens to it.

Pro-life people believe they’re Christians and have the right to interfere with government programs designed to help the less financially well off. They don’t want programs like Food Stamps, Welfare benefits, or Medicaid to exist. They don’t want unions to help the blue collar workers get paid a living wage. That would eliminate the burden on the other 3 programs but they don’t seem to understand that.

Pro-life people are pro-military industrial complex spending, pro-death penalty and anti gun control. From where I sit, it appears that pro-life people are committed to population control. They may force the birth of the baby, but they’re also insuring the means to see to it that an untimely death for some of those babies is in place.

I, and others like me, am Pro-Choice. I am against abortions, I believe they’re wrong except in the circumstances of rape and incest. However, I don’t want to impose my views on any woman faced with making that choice. To that end I want to see contraceptives available to every single woman who wishes to take them for any reason whatsoever.

As a Christian I want programs in place to help anyone who needs that help, whether that person needs food stamps, child care, medical assistance for themselves or their children. I want it to be there. I want to see an end to war. No Mother should have to face the death of a child serving his/her country in the military because someone with enough money to buy Congressmen wants access to more oil. I want each and every child to be able to go to college if they should choose, or to be educated in whatever the career of their choice requires.

I want every person in the US to be able to enter a public building without fear of being gunned down by someone with mental issues and a gun. I want every person to be able to get the medical help they need without fear of bankruptcy.

I am pro-choice, anti abortion as a form of birth control, anti-death penalty, anti-war, pro-gun control. Doesn’t all that make me Pro-Life?

By Butterose

Smart assed step-mother of 3, grandmother of 3. Insane enough to have lived with Hubby for 24 years now. What can I say, I liked his kids? We share our lives with family and our cat.

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  1. My posts are my opinions based on my life experience. I’m 63 years old and remember when Christians went to church and while they may have been gossips behind the backs of those in need, they stepped up to the plate and volunteered to help. Little churches all across our country still engage in that volunteering, but far too many have become politically motivated and advise their parishioners on whom to vote for in upcoming elections. Even going so far as to make donations to approved candidates rather than use the tithe monies raised to assist members in need.

    Members of churches who pride themselves on their belief in God are banding together to demonstrate for the Lord outside of abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood, however members of their churches who no longer drive can’t attend church because no one cares enough to ask if they need a ride.

    Fine upstanding Christians in many neighborhoods see that elderly neighbors can’t care for their lawns anymore. Do they offer to help? Sure, as long as money can be found to pay for it. If money can’t be found, call codes to condemn the property, it devalues the neighborhood.

    Children are dying because they’re victims of bullying. Bullying is a form of hate. Today people go to church and they learn that God HATES homosexuals, He HATES abortion, He HATES Sinners. Funny, I remember when we were taught that He gave the life of his only son for our sins. That’s not hate, that’s love and as Christians we should strive to follow His example, not exactly what we’re doing these days.

  2. Excuse me, but all those generalizations you just made about Republicans and Christians are not at all accurate and can be taken very offensively by some people. To be a Republican and to be a Christian is not the same thing, although many Republicans are Christian. “Pro-life people believe they’re Christians and have the right to interfere with government programs designed to help the less financially well off. They don’t want programs like Food Stamps, Welfare benefits, or Medicaid to exist. They don’t want unions to help the blue collar workers get paid a living wage. That would eliminate the burden on the other 3 programs but they don’t seem to understand that.” What if I told you that you were not a Christian just because you are pro-choice? I’m not saying that’s true, but that’s basically what you just said to alot of people. Pro-life people don’t support every bad idea and they don’t want to take money away from less fortunate people. If you are going to blog about an issue, perhaps you should get your information straight before stating it like it is some kind of true fact.

  3. I live in a county that has quite a high Welfare/Food Stamps/Medicaid bill that is being paid monthly. Our esteemed Republican County Executive decided to do something about it. To that end he formed a Task Force to investigate and prosecute fraud. After said Task Force did it’s thing and cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, it wound up not being able to recoup it’s expenses because, Number 1, Fraud amounted to a whopping 3% of the cases. Number 2. The financial amount of each fraud was a few hundred dollars. The actual ONLY fraud case is a Food Stamp case for $25,000. The rest of them were mostly misunderstandings. Altogether the county will recoup something like $60,000 and it cost $137,000 to find all this out.

    What we did find out is that 37% of the bill was in the form of assistance to our county’s elderly. Either in the form of nursing home payments for those that need one, or home care and food stamps and medical payments for those who are somewhat capable of staying out of a nursing home with a little assistance.

    Much of the rest of the burden was in the form of healthcare payments for the children of the working poor. We have the Healthy New York program for them. State mandates all children in families below a certain income level be covered. Mind you, not the adults, unless they are living on Welfare or extreme poverty, just the children of the working poor. Also, there are all those people that were outsourced into the community from state institutions when they closed. They aren’t very employable and they use all these services too.

    People SEE something and jump to a conclusion that may not actually be the truth. A local apartment manager for a HUD building was shooting her mouth off about someone living in the building that was making $2800 a month on disability. She was calling him names behind his back and had others, those lovely people who don’t wish to pay taxes to support these programs bullying him. She didn’t ask why he was always taking pain meds, nor how he earned that monthly income. The FACT that he lost a leg, hip, penis and testicles in Iraq got left out.

    She lost her job and the building owners have instituted a bullying ban. A very strict bullying ban because adults don’t seem to be able to leave the schoolyard behind.

    As for contraceptives, I have endometriosis. It’s not too bad now that I’m in my 60’s, something for which a lack of hormones can be a blessing. I had to take contraceptives in order to avoid taking massive doses of pain meds. There were months I couldn’t afford them which meant I had to suffer. That’s not anything I’d wish on a another human being.

  4. Actually, being pro-life means that you believe life begins at conception. There’s debate about that but enough medical science innovations have been made in the last few years that if a woman wishes to keep her child and has a situation that the child is born as early as 24 weeks is capable of surviving. Quality of life issues aside, it’s possible and it does happen. It has nothing to do with wanting regulate people’s lives as you’ve suggested.

    I don’t mind people on welfare, birth control, or whatever. I just know for a fact that the systems are being abused and I don’t think it’s too much to ask, as a taxpayer that pays into those systems, to have that fraud dealt with. I’m sorry there’s some people who might be inconvenienced by that problem but if you’re a deadbeat loser who takes money from me and the rest of the taxbase and you don’t really need it, then my cup of sympathy just ran out.

    Just a few years ago, they started means testing people applying for bankruptcy because too many people were using it to refresh their credit and not pay debts, when in fact they had plenty of money to do so. I don’t see a problem with that.

    As for birth control, I think there’s some things your insurance should pay for and some things it shouldn’t. Blue collar union workers not making a living wage? Most union workers make more than the private sector and their pensions are costing the companies that make the contracts with them billions and bankrupting them. Most people aren’t asking them to lose their benefits but help pay for them by putting more of their own money in, just like their private sector peers.

  5. “I’ve come to the conclusion that the longer I live the less makes sense to me. ”

    That about sums it up! 😀

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