When Firefox came bursting onto the scene in November 2004 ( originally released as Phoenix in it’s beta form in 2002 ) I was happily one of the 1st adopters in December of that same year. It was beyond any doubt superior to IE from a friendly user perspective. Simple and straightforward it met the demand of the population and internet users looking for a user friendly browser responded in droves.  And for years it met and exceeded everything I expected from it.

I love the extensions like No Script, Ad-Blocker, Ghosty, etc…love the performance, Tom’s Hardware in both 2012 and 2013 found it to be the best performing browser, slightly edging out Google Chrome both times, and far exceeding any browser in non-performance index. However, the last few years have been disturbing.

Every time Firefox needs an update it slows everything to a crawl, and Firefox updates often. Then there’s the ongoing memory usage issue that has plagued Firefox from the beginning. Then there’s the issue of Firefox conflicting with website applications. When I want to buy something off E Bay  I have to use Chrome, because Firefox just spins and spins never loading PayPal. And that’s just one site of many that force me to use other browsers to compete any transaction. But the last straw was likely Yahoo. When Firefox changed to Yahoo as it’s default search engine I already had one foot out the door. How a browser who made it’s mark as the clean non-bloated user-friendly browser came to have a deal with the overly bloated Yahoo search engine is beyond me.

As they say…strange bedfellows.

So now, after spending the last 13 years with Firefox, it’s Google Chrome for me.

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