Ok, after being asked in a different thread what inspires me to write, I decided it’d be a cool thing to ask everyone – so what inspires you to write, create art, or make music?

I write because I must. At this point I’m quite addicted to the printed word, and any author will tell you it’s a much harder habit to break than heroine. If I’m away from the keyboard for even a few days I become quite unbearable, restorting to cringing in corners and growling at anyone who passes, and forcing them to poke small tidbits of food at me with a long stick.

But in the early days it wasn’t that way… Please take note that the next won’t be too modest, but hey, asking me what inspires me is like asking me to blow my own horn…

I started writing in high school because I hated where I was, and it was a creative outlet for what I was going through. Imagine, if you will, an above-average intelligence person reasonably well-educated (reading on the college level at age 6, doing higher maths at age 7) being forced to attend school in a realm of moronic rednecks where the most academically challenging course was Agriculture. I abhored my school. I abhored my classmates. 25 years after the fact I have yet to attend a single class reunion and probably won’t, and I don’t openly associate with anyone I went to school with. Needless to say I was quite depressed at the time, and through the guidance and gentle encouragements of a dear friend (the school nurse, in fact, whom I call to this day ‘Mom’ for that was who she was to me) I began to write poems and short prose. This expanded later into short stories, and hasn’t quite extended to becoming a novel yet but that’s in the works…

What inspires me? Life. Things I feel passionate about. Things I see occurring that might not be noticed by others but need voicing. I dearly love to paint pictures with words and have always had a verbose bent (can’t you tell by reading this?). Most of all, things that generate feelings within me and my attempt to describe those feelings in my feeble English drives my inspiration.

Now, I’ve shown ya mine, y’all show me yours.

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