Ok, screw cleaning house – this mood has given me inspiration, so it’s time to write a bit.

What is it about anger that so supercedes all other emotions? Pure rage when unchecked can cause a person to destroy not only everything they love, but also everyone they love, and all they’ve worked so hard to build. Such is this author’s mood today, and therefore I take keyboard in hand to relieve and express it in a constructive manner.

Perhaps it’d be better to begin near the beginning…

I’ve forgotten my BP meds for 3 days now. For those of you who don’t suffer from hypertension, the headache that accompanies unchecked high blood pressure is devastating. It was with such a headache that I awoke this morning, cursing the fact that it was at the ungodly hour of 7am and that the mrs had just left to go to her work, slamming the door behind her. Maybe if I’d been able to get to sleep at a decent hour last night I would’ve arisen at a more reasonable time, and spend a bit over a nice hot cup of coffee with my wife. Unfortunately this was not the case. I was kept up until after 3 this morning by our next door neighbor, who’d taken upon himself the arduous task of slamming his front door, then his back door, at random intervals.

The pressure on my bladder was tremendous, so rather than rolling over and returning to blessed slumber, I arose in our too-cold house, strode quickly to the bathroom and relieved myself. “That did it,” I thought to myself, “now I’m wide awake.”

I strode to the kitchen to find that my beloved Trish had set up the coffee pot for me already, saving me the effort. I turned it on and muttered that it was taking too long to brew. I stood there, quietly watching it brew as the laptop on our kitchen table slowly booted up for the morning. The coffee finished about the same time FireFox launched successfully. “Ah! At least something is going right today.” I poured my cup and took my seat before the computer.

Now, some of you may think me childish for this next confession, but in truth, I’m hooked on it and have been for some time. After a quick review of the forums, I launched into neopets and proceeded to play my ‘daily games’. It’s kind of a wake-up ritual actually. I play these stupid little games, day after day, then tend to the ‘pet’ and ensure it’s survival and happiness for yet another day, then close the site and move onto other things.

It was during these games that the phone began ringing. The time was 7:30am. It was my mother-in-law. “Rich, can you and Trish possibly come visit this weekend? I need help tending Grandma.” (She lives right next door to Grandma, and lives to answer her beck and call). “Sorry Mom, Trish is working all weekend. She’s filling in for one of her colleagues who’s out of town.” “Oh, well, could you come then?” “I’ll see what I can do Mom.” *sigh* Another demand on my time. It wouldn’t be so terribly bad but, although I dearly love my Mom-in-law, I cannot stand Grandma, and now I find myself 90 percent committed to going to her house to help clean, and do chores, and be bitched at.

I return to my gaming, briefly, for not 10 minutes pass before the phone rings yet again. A telemarketer. I hit the magic ‘hot button’ – a digitally recorded blow-off for telemarketers. Gotta love modern technology. 5 bucks well spent. During the course of the next 2 hours the phone rings no less than 27 times. Various bill collectors, one from my landlord, and several telemarketers (mostly from the phone and cable companies, so you have to pick up in case it’s truly important). By 9:30 I was fuming.

Then comes the knock at my door. Dressed in bed-head, housecoat, and bluejeans, I answer. It’s the maintenance guy. He’s letting me know they’ll be working out back of my house for most of the morning and afternoon, doing something with the sewer lines. Our water will be off. It’s off. It’s still off. It’s 12:30 and it’s still off, and the noise of the auger they’re using is driving me insane. I’ve got dishes and laundry to do, not to mention a shower, and can’t do any of it thanks to our maintenance guy who’s out there pretty much doing nothing (he’s reaming out the sewer lines connecting our homes, even though nobody’s having a backup problem. this is the first time he’s done this in the 2 years I’ve lived here, so maybe it’s time. at any rate, it’s most annoying).

11:30 comes and it’s time to go to town for groceries. I’m dressed, in a ballcap to cover my bedhead, still with sleep in my eyes (or lack thereof). I go out to the car, and see this big white Dodge pickup truck parked blocking the end of my driveway. It’s either hit the dodge, go over the curb, or I’m not going anywhere. I’m truly hacked at this point. I cross the street to the neighbor’s house and knock on her door. She answers, informs me that yes, it’s her boyfriend’s truck, and she’s sorry he’s parked blocking me. She then informs me that he won’t be back until sometime this afternoon (he’s with her roommate getting something) and she doesn’t have the keys to the truck. *roar* I shoot her a dirty look, tell her I’m seriously considering having it towed, and stalk back to my chamber door.

It’s now an hour later. My groceries remain unpurchased, the damn truck is still blocking my drive, the maintenance guy’s auger drones on with its bone-rattling dentist’s drill whine, and I am just about to lose it. Ok, maybe not – writing all this down did help, because from my vantage point at the keyboard I can see my baseball bat sitting there, waiting for me like an old friend…

To be continued:

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