Sometimes it’s impossible to just pick one favorite song, so let’s expand the selection to Your Top Ten. They don’t have to be the best ever made, or by groups only in the Top 40 on Billboard…some of my selections never even made it to the Billboard Hot 100 Chart…

so here’s mine, in no specific order:

J.J.Jackson – But it’s Alright

Heart – Treat me Bad ( not the 80’s group Heart, the 60’s group )

Beatles – Ballad of John and Yoko

Three Dog Night – The Show must go On

David Bowie – China Girl

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man

Redbone – Witch Queen of New Orleans

Slade – Cuz I Love You

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams

Marmalade – Reflections Of My Life

Well, that was a hard go…I think I really need a Top 1000 😀 But these 10 will do just fine.

Post your Top 10 in a comment below…if we get enough comments we’ll make a new Top 10 out of them, picking out the ones people post the most, and play them on Blip in some special unique way. 😀

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6 thoughts on “What is Your Top Ten List of Favorite Songs?”
  1. Well you might be right, but we never have gotten a lot of comments, because most people don’t come here to engage in conversation they come to play the games and read the tutorials. TAZ is a utility blog more than a social blog ( ie. games, tutorials, music lists, etc… .

    Whereas your blog is almost completely socially oriented, on a very social blog network, which encourages social interaction.

    For instance people don’t go to Games R’ Us ( – fake name 😀 ) to socialize, they go there to play games. 😉 So I have to encourage social interaction on TAZ because it doesn’t have the history or set-up as a social blog.
    For the first three years of TAZ’s existence as a website you couldn’t comment at all, it was just a place to play games and read tutorials.

    Everything takes time… 😉 Eventually , I hope, people will see TAZ as not just a place to read tutorials and play games, but also a place to hang out and interact…but it’s still a relatively new concept with TAZ, I have never really encouraged active participation until about the same time you came on board. People can’t even register here, never have been able to, except when I opened it up for a couple days for you and the absentee members to join.
    I wish people would comment more, because that would give me a good way to see which people we would like to contact as potential members.

  2. The percentage of comments to visitors on my own blog has changed dramatically. Visitors have increased and comments have dropped considerably. I think the reason is that I’m spending online time in too many places and have no time to engage with others on the website. I’m not visiting other blogs and leaving comments except for a few of my regular buddies. Also, after nearly 5 years I’m fresh out of ideas, except for politics and my blog is not and never has been political in nature, so when I do a political post it drives people away.

    You spend time posting to places from Blip. This means you aren’t there to engage with those who seemed to be the ones that commented over here. You are promoting something that should be interactive using a method of promotion that precludes interactivity. Your method gets you page views and overall rankings, it doesn’t give you any idea of which posts really work and which don’t. because there is no socializing on your blog.

    IMHO, you’ve promoted yourself right out of social media, you’re broadcasting rather than engaging. There has to be a way to balance this out, and I can’t see how.

  3. None of the first 5.

    Another hint is that I was raised on jazz and my fave instrument appears in 2 of those songs played very, very well. 😉

    Of course, that was many moons ago and I was younger then. 😀

  4. Sam and Dave…Soul Man

    Jr. Walker & The Allstars…Shotgun

    Stevie Ray Vaughn…Crossfire

    The Rolling Stones…Gimme Shelter

    Beatles…Day Tripper

    Gerry Rafferty…Baker Street

    Grand Funk Railroad…We’re An American Band

    Lynyrd Skynyrd…What’s Your Name

    Kenny Wayne Shepherd…Deja Voodoo

    Bob Seger…Turn The Page

    I had to really think about this since there are so many, many that I call favorites. I chose the 10 songs guaranteed to get me up on my feet and shaking my bootay. Can I haz a top 100? That might prove to be enough…maybe.

    Ahem, 2 of those songs have been known to make my clothes fall off..without Tequila. 😀

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