Four thousand people helped build a home for the Beach family of Kemah, Texas. This had to be one of the best Extreme Makeover Home Edition programs that I’ve had the good fortune to watch. Seven days and seven nights of hard work on behalf of one of the most deserving families ever featured on that show.

Larry and Melissa Beach had heart enough to open their home to foster 80 children and to adopt 9 of them. Not the best or brightest, not the perfect child that others seem to search for. They took the children that nobody else wanted. The problem child, the sick child, the special child all found warm arms, open hearts and a home. A home that was destroyed by flooding during Hurricane Ike. FEMA gave them 2 trailers afterwards when they found that their home was full of rats, snakes and mold. Unfortunately after a year without any progress in rebuilding, FEMA had to take back the trailers and the family moved into a 37 foot travel trailer. Mounting medical bills kept eating up their chances of rebuilding. Two of the youngest adopted children have serious medical conditions.

Enter Ty Pennington with his crew, actress Jessica Alba and over 4000 volunteers. These volunteers built an 8 bedroom home complete with a specially made table to seat 16 people, an elevator and a therapy room for the disabled children. It also has an outdoor barbecue center, and play area. Not only did these volunteers work on site, they helped raise over $100,000 dollars towards the mortgage and the medical bills.

For 2 hours I watched and at the end I felt uplifted. I shed tears of joy and was heartened by the love and respect these 4000 volunteers showed to this struggling family. Two hours of real family values. Two hours of witnessing the power of the human spirit. Two hours watching 4000 people step away from their computers and their own pursuits to lend a helping hand to a family in their time of need. Two hours of watching love pave the way to a brighter future. Beat that Twitter!

By Butterose

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2 thoughts on “What Real Family Values Can Accomplish”
  1. When you compare what I saw this community do with what happens online in social media, posting it was a no brainer. They didn’t just talk about helping, they got up and did it.

    Sadly, the smallest and sickest of their 9 adopted children died a few weeks after moving into this home. I have no doubt in my mind that this family will again rescue another unwanted child. I firmly believe they’d have done so even without losing poor little Mercy.

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