The first song I Blipped was ‘ I’d love to change the World ‘ by Ten Years After…and that was on Apr 19, 2009

< Nope that’s just a pict of Aerosmith 😀

I mostly Blip oldies, usually classic rock from the late 50’s to 2000…but mostly 60’s and 70’s because that’s the songs I grew up with.

The first album I ever had was A Taste of Honey by The Beach Boys ( given to me by my older brother ).

I like all music, and play all music…but I prefer to play the more rare or less played stuff…because it doesn’t get played enough.

So, enough about me…what was the first song you ever played on Blip? Leave a comment.
And if you want to throw in a few details about yourself that’d be cool too. 😀

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24 thoughts on “What was the First Song you Blipped?”
  1. The first song I blipped was “Porpoise mouth” by Country Joe and the Fish. I have been a music junkie since grade school and music always affects my moods. I can get on Blip and play and share music and it is still the cheapest and best therapy I know of. Works every time for me without fail. I thank god for blip every day. Since divorce necessitated the sale of a music collection I had compiled since grade school, Blip provided the needed therapy to overcome the tangible loss. Every song practically I owned I can now find on Blip is Awesome. Simply put. I have directed friends and associates here who have since thanked me for it.

  2. The first song I ever Blipped was Somebody to Love/White Rabbit by The Jefferson Airplane

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