The first song I Blipped was ‘ I’d love to change the World ‘ by Ten Years After…and that was on Apr 19, 2009

< Nope that’s just a pict of Aerosmith 😀

I mostly Blip oldies, usually classic rock from the late 50’s to 2000…but mostly 60’s and 70’s because that’s the songs I grew up with.

The first album I ever had was A Taste of Honey by The Beach Boys ( given to me by my older brother ).

I like all music, and play all music…but I prefer to play the more rare or less played stuff…because it doesn’t get played enough.

So, enough about me…what was the first song you ever played on Blip? Leave a comment.
And if you want to throw in a few details about yourself that’d be cool too. 😀

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24 thoughts on “What was the First Song you Blipped?”
  1. Garrett_The_K @TheTAZZone The First Song I Ever Blipped:
    ♫ The Cribs – I’m A Realist

  2. My first song was on June 25th 2009 the evening of Michael Jackson’s departure and transition I played “Man in the Mirror.” I had just been introduced to the Twitter Universe and found BlipFM platform of music an evolutionary opportunity in messaging within this new Twittering platform, It’s better if its a “Blipping Twittering Universe.” And I loved that no one was buying and selling the next widget you can’t live without!

    I entered BlipFM as a Nameless Wonderer, barking dog, in support of Neda and the Iranian people’s desire for independence and freedom. Neda had triggered the PTSD experience of the death of Allison on Kent State University on May 4, 1970. The two bodies were the same old story of aggressive arrogance of distorted power. I was stationed 23 miles from KSU and refused to enter the campus on May 4 1970. There were consequences!

    I appreciate the global community of BlipFM and it has become my only game I play on the Internet. I submit music transcends our human languaging breakdowns. Artist’s give their nervous system to the public movement expressing the deep rooted heart felt sensibilities of being human. This blipping universe is a beginning of a new nonlocal universal consciousness emerging in our humanity. I am proud of being a DJ and am learning everyday new tunes, beats, and perspectives of what is the new possible possibility.

    Thanks for asking the question and feel free to connect by email directly
    Mushin Mato Wambli ~
    Keep in Touch TAZZONE

  3. The first song I ever blipped. Out of Order by Duncan Sheik. I was just in that kind of a mood.

  4. droolius my first blip @TheTAZZone
    ♫ Tin Hat Trio – Helium Reprise (with Tom Waits)

  5. worryknot Don’t remember first song I blipped @TheTAZZone :/ Probably same as my first playlist song *Once Upon a Time in the West* =)

  6. Glad you like it XSDOx …I’m trying to get people interacting … not quite working out as I expected though 😀

    So jazz, eh? I used to hang out at some Jazz and Blues clubs.

  7. Love this interactive effort, Tazz! First song I ever blipped: The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Bold As Love |
    Apr 23, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    …. I’m one of those people who were too young to really get in on the first wave of Rock n roll (Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, etc.) Also, my Dad was a college music major / teacher / theorist….& Grandpa a first chair classical violinist. My point being, “Rock n Roll” were kinda dirty words. So, I basically started out listening to Classical music, “show tunes”.& Jazz….but then came the Beatles…& in a world still dark from the JFK assasination, they quite literally changed the popular music world with the fresh energy in music America had lost….& the rest is history, as they say. My first album was “Meet the Beatles” – their original American first album…..I was the lead vocalist for a popular Phoenix (Rock/Blues) band named “Sage” in the 70’s….but in the mid 80’s I felt soul of music as I understood it got lost….so I started listeing to everything around & basically came back to Jazz…. got into radio in the late 80’s / early 90’s & had my own Jazz show. Still listen mostly to Jazz, but I’m down for any music that has good roots.

  8. DJliesdesmit My first Blipsong….. @TheTAZZone Alexander O’Neal – Our First Christmas

  9. aprildax Its a hott 7 inches from the midday first blip @TheTAZZone
    – Smooth (feat. Rob Thomas)

  10. katterfelto @TheTAZZone! Answered this the other day, but since you still seem curious… Moody Blues Live – For My Lady

  11. The first song I blipped was
    ♫ Pixies – No. 13 Baby
    FEB 25, 2009 AT 9:07 PM

    I have the most fun blipping when I do Guitar Night and I only play songs with amazing guitar riffs, entrancing solos, … I love the guitar.
    But I’m quite mainstream in my different choices, be it on rock, metal, indie, … I mean, even if I like a lot of different music genres, alternative/indie being a big part of it, in each genre I don’t go for the more rare or less played stuff like you.

    Blip on @TheTAZZone!

  12. BelRedRoad First Blip? Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl on APR 17, 2009. At that point it had been stuck in my head for 13 hours! Blip released it 😉 @TheTAZZone

  13. Cribs66 first song blipped, not bipped @TheTAZZone
    ♫ Bright Eyes – No One Would Riot For Less

  14. DjFINDRINGER @TheTAZZone third eye blind jumper , i deleted like 100 pages so thats the furthest i have recorded :X

  15. My first blip was “Fantastic Voyage”by Lakeside
    Funkkky!!!!I love to rock & funk plays a big part in what I like…..cuz everything I do… gotta be FUNKY!!!!!!

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