Scott Walker is only the third governor in U.S. history to face a recall election. And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. He’s anti-middle class, anti-liberal, anti-poor, and most definitely anti-union.  But you know what else he is? He’s also the winner in last night’s election.

Opponents say that since the day he walked into office, Governor Walker misled them. They say Mr. Walker figured that he could shove Koch (brothers) up everyone’s respective nose and the citizens would be so blinded by the sea of money that they’d sit back and take what Walker was pushing. Mr. Walker was wrong; citizens saw that their right to have a voice was worth fighting for. They were pushed and shoved until they could no longer idly sit by and watch an elected official rescind promises that the government had made to them — and the attempt to take away public employees’ right to collectively bargain was the last straw.

But what happened?

Last night’s results show exactly what happened: a dash of voter apathy mixed with a large dose of big money.

It’s the big money dudes vs. the unions. The Koch brothers vs. the middle class. Austerity measures vs. investing for the future.

It’s promises made and, where the middle class and labour is concerned, promises broken.

As for “We the people” in this election cycle? Well, only time will tell if we matter — but the clear message sent here is that if liberals and progressives are to move forward with an agenda that is fair for everyone, NOW is the time to get actively involved to ensure that our voices are heard in November.
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By Brooklyn Dame

The Brooklyn Dame is a dame from the UK. She’s an ever-evolving student of the world and globe-hopper who currently calls Brooklyn, USA home. She’s an overly-degreed, prospective escapee from indentured servitude in corporate America who has an opinion about (nearly) everything. Of course, there are some things about which she’d have to try really hard to muster up an ounce of care; she’s worn out after she reads up on politics, finance and global events. You can follow her, and her site, Borderless News and Views, on Facebook and Twitter.

8 thoughts on “What’s the Message?”
  1. Ah, Butterose, I WISH I had seen your comment (much) earlier! We’re in full agreement. I consider myself a left-of-left liberal but, believe me, not a day goes by during which I don’t find myself wanting to slap a few liberals silly. I will never say that we should sit back and take everything the political Right wants to dish out, but I do say that we should look at the times when we have received ‘half a loaf’, in the face of incredible onbstruction, rather than moving backwards without a crumb.

    Too many of us will sit back and complain that the POTUS didn’t give us all we hoped for — as though he was supposed to wave a magic wand and wipe out 30 years worth of bad policy in one fell swoop. We need to get real and figure out what it is we really want to accomplish.

    Thanks for the comment!

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  3. That’s the two beauties of the American political system…the ability to recall and the right to vote on bills and proposals.

    Here, we don’t. Once you vote someone into office you have no say over what they do while in office.

    So you have to be very sure you’re voting for the right person. 😉

  4. About all the Progs will manage to do at this point is spend their time on Twitter fighting with each other over how badly Pres. Obama is doing his job because, you know? “He’s caving” or “DRONES” or “he didn’t close Gitmo” or “DRONES” or whatever single issue floats their boat today.

    Of course, Progressives COULD start a campaign designed to educate voters on why spending rather than austerity is an investment in our future, but they’re all too busy labeling those who don’t agree with their way of thinking douchebags, or morons. Inflammatory rhetoric and hyperbole. We have enough of that to elect 100 presidents, if that’s all it tool. Too bad few of them will ever be satisfactory to Progressives because they won’t ever find one person to give them everything they think they want.

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