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When We Were Young

Ahhhh, the days of youth. Fond and at times not-so-fond memories of younger times and days that never seemed to end. I’m not talking about the Glory Days in Bruce Springsteen’s song, but before that. Before adulthood, before getting a job and having to pave your own path through life. No, I’m talking about the days before personal responsibility comes into play.

Aside from personal family conflicts, and all the baggage we are strapped with growing up, because none of us picks where we are born, what environment we grow up in, what Country, what economic structure, or what family we are born into ( so we are going to bypass these things as if they don’t exist, as they aren’t relevant to this conversation ), there are benefits to having no responsibility.

Well, OK, maybe no responsibility is a bit much as we all had to attend school. Most of the time.

My youth was spent mostly playing sports or finding ways to get into trouble without actually getting into trouble. Like breaking into abandoned buildings and turning them into our own cave hideout. Or trying to outrun a train bearing down on us while running across a trestle. Or putting firecrackers in the pockets of people’s jackets ( OK that was not a smart thing to do, someone could have gotten hurt, luckily no one did, and to be honest it was funny as hell ). Of course we didn’t have internet, or internet games, we had pinball.

And staying at home was not something we did often. Most parent’s in my day would say ‘ why are you here, go out and play ‘. Home pretty much was where you slept, you ate, and hung around on days it just was too nasty to go outside. I don’t envy kids these days, sure they have a lot more gadgets than we had, but I honestly believe we had a lot more fun. Maybe more parent’s should be telling kids to go outside to play.

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