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Where does the gaming industry draw inspiration from?

The gaming industry has slowly but stealthily evolved over the past couple of decades. The word itself still conjures up images of pimply teenagers hiding away in bedrooms playing Dungeons and Dragons or similar games, but when you really think about it, that is clearly as outdated a concept as suggesting those who like movies are all nerdy Woody Allen lookalikes.

The truth is that today’s gaming sector is a global leisure industry that is worth somewhere around a $100 billion per year. Anyone who is under the age of 50 has grown up with gaming being as much a part of their lives as TV, books or movies. How exactly has the industry evolved, and from where does it draw its inspiration in order to do so?

The rise of mobile gaming

One of the biggest game changers for the industry has been the mobile revolution. These days, gaming does not mean sitting behind a PC or console; it is something that anyone can do from their mobile phone. This has drawn in a wider adult market. Just take a look at those around you on a busy commuter train. Today, they are more likely to be lost in a game on their phone than reading a book or newspaper.

Among the most popular games in this segment are the mobile slot and casino genres. Everyone likes a flutter, and the possibility of being the next James Bond without having to put on the tuxedo is a tempting one. There are numerous casino websites in operation, and it is clear that the games are inspired by a variety of factors and designed to appeal to a wide demographic. For example, Beauty and the Beast and Rainbow Riches are hugely popular with the growing female demographic who enjoy casino sites, and they take their inspiration from traditional fairy tales. Batman and Monty Python slots are clearly aimed at a more mature male audience, on the other hand, and are inspired by TV favorites from the 1970s.

Traditional console gaming

One of the biggest wonders of the modern technological age is that console gaming is still as popular as ever. It might seem like something of a throwback in today’s mobile-first world, but the games continue to remain relevant and have a huge following.

A significant core of console fans is attracted by sports games, and game manufacturers find ways to make each new update more attractive than the last. Perhaps the best example of this is the Madden NFL series. Ever since its initial release in the 1980s, every new iteration has been eagerly awaited, with more realistic gameplay, new features, and most important of all, the latest team rosters.

Other genres take their cues from TV and movies. The latest South Park game, The Fractured But Whole, is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Similarly, every new James Bond movie is inevitably accompanied by its own computer game. In many ways, it echoes the traditional sight of best-selling books finding their way to the big screen and serves as further evidence of how gaming is a mainstream part of our leisure time in the 21st century.

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