OK, we all have lots of people we talk to, some we talk to more often than others…some we speak to daily, almost daily, weekly, monthly, and some whenever it happens.

This is NOT a list of who your best buddies are…but rather who talks with you the most…and who you engage with the most…so no one needs to feel offended or left out if they don’t get mentioned…they could be your best buddies or they could be just people you like to talk to or people who like to talk with you…

we are trying to compile a list of the best gabbers…

so…who do you gab with the most?

Leave a comment with a list of the 5 people you talk with the most on Twitter.

My Top Five






Disclaimer: there are ‘ several ‘ people I talk to frequently…so it was very very hard to choose only 5…I tried to pick the 5 I’ve spoken the most with in the last few weeks…so to all the people I talk to who aren’t mentioned …sorry 😀

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7 thoughts on “Who are the 5 people you Speak to the Most on Twitter?”
  1. OMG.. I talk so much I’m not sure who would be my top 5. I talk to myself alot, meaning I tweet whatever comes to mind & its not @ anyone. *giggle* Ok, the people I talk the most with would have to be (it figure that 4 out of the 5 are men – that’s just a coincidence):
    @Donnette @westham999 @crusaderz4life @sbrichar @DavidKirlew …. Hi, Tazz! *waves*

  2. Well geeeeze, what the hecks up with folks that they aren’t answering this question?

  3. @AdrianHiggs




    All well worth following

  4. @BrooklynDodgers @MartyBTV @JoshDallasFan90 @KingKaysar @karentx47

    I often RT: @MartyBTV @wfaachannel8 @wfaaweather @WaltMac @PlatinumJoy

  5. @morrica




    @TheDavidBrady I don’t know why you want them, but there they are.
    I didn’t name you since you’re compiling the list but that’s a given. Also, Scratchy and Fairweather are buds from the blogsite so I didn’t include them either.

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