Have your say. Well, who do you think should be on this list?. Here’s the methodology…

1. Each of these groups/artists should have at least one song that would be on anyone’s top 100 songs list. It doesn’t matter how popular their songs are, or how many hits they’ve had; for instance Neil Sedaka had a string of hits and was a popular songwriter, but you shouldn’t find him on this list or any other list because he was a pop song hack.

2. Each of these groups/artists should have at least one one ‘ original ‘ song that made it into the top 40 on Billboard or some other major chart. Cover groups/artists just don’t cut the mustard, even if they did an excellent job on one or more covers.

3. Each of these groups should have at least one song that was covered by someone else.

So that’s the methodology, the criteria, but we won’t hold you to it, it’s just a guideline that we are suggesting to compile the list. If there’s an artist/group that you feel should be considered feel free to leave a comment. This list is also in no specific order.

We’ve started the list with 6 obvious choices.

You can leave a comment here, or on our multiple social media venues, or email, or just scream out your selection from a window.

1. Beatles

2. Rolling Stones

3. Led Zeppelin

4. Pink Floyd

5. David Bowie

6. John Lennon

7. Rush – submitted by Butterose

8. Bread – submitted by Gooner

9. Nat King Cole – submitted by BlackI3e

10. Cream – submitted by Ridickulous

11. Creedence Clearwater Revival – submitted by Foxyloxley

12. Marvin Gaye – submitted by DiamondDave


We will update this list….occasionally….when time allows….whenever lol

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